U.S East Indian bootcamp student 2 pulls video testimonial

vlcsnap-2017-09-03-16h24m34s708Former Justin Wayne student. Look people can’t get bent out of shape if they didn’t get any results from Justin Wayne. A ton of my clients shares the same story. He got laid a few times in Indian with it. Having the same SMV or sexual market value. But not in the United States. His game was a million mile away from what it should be. He was gamey and just uncalibrated. Now he is calibrated and learned the entire game. Out of all the students, he has the most knowledge. Its about adapting it. But 2 pulls and 3 botched pulls. I mean compared to Vancouver or around the world, that is results. I saw a guy, but someone told me he talked shit about me in the Superman group before. Big Asian guy, looks like a MMA fighter type. But he seems nice and I told him my student pulled twice. This was also the bootcamp I finally met Tony D and shook his hands. I guess in some ways, I have let bygones be bygones after that. This bootcamp was a very emotional one overall. On the first day he did okay, pulled. Second day he got a lot of rejections. 85% of the girls rejected him. Third one he got a 100% hook rate during the bootcamp. When it was over at night, he got rejected again because I stayed over in Vancouver to help him train further. It was the last bootcamp of the summer. Its been an amazing summer. Every student pulled, got laid, got fuck buddies, some girlfriends. Well one other East Indian guy didn’t. He was a total hardcase. He could of used from hardcase to hero product. Everyone else succeeded.

Listen I got too many fucking testimonials to post. Both my camera man pulled, one got a blow job. I really can’t keep up. I have to edit my infield. I’m really behind in terms of timing. This summer has been some of the best I taught in my 3 years of coaching. We have also defined what is a dry pull vs a Wayne style escalation ladder pull. I say to all the bootcamp students. You all need to master the art of flirting. You can’t just natural and romantic it. That’s only for positive stereotypes. The students it seems who followed the escalation ladder all got laid. The ones who were timid who skipped steps didn’t. You might think, why do I have to do every single step, there are like 15 steps. Well, being a negative stereotype, you are competing against other tall handsome white dating coaches who’s game isn’t transferable to you. It only works for their configuration. Listen we aren’t all born privileged with good looks, height and muscle mass or wide shoulders. Sometimes you need to compensate weakness and overcome it with skill and aesthetics. Unless you really want to number farm for girls way below your looks scale. I know this isn’t the path you want to take. We do have ways to solidify the number close, but go for instadates to solidify numbers.

Also, we just sold our second copy of Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Its been getting a really amazing response so far. This is my solution to the hardcase problem. We have a third client begging for it now but will pay at the end of the month. I’m having another student buy a copy that is getting paid tomorrow. He is very interested and an impossible case. But it seems like this is a problem that isn’t addressed in the daygame industry. When I see 80% of my students pulling, 70% getting laid. I think about the last 20%. Why doesn’t anyone care about them. Except taking their money? Most people are like heartless.

Remember to check out my Wayne Playbook course in the online course section. I might make a menu for Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. Its finally available for early access. The contents for the 30 days are already there. If you are stuggling with game, which is the icing on the cake. But still don’t have the big dry cake down, or social skills. Put your ego aside and get the course immediately. You don’t have to suffer anymore while creepying out every girl with a bad vibe and social skills. Sometimes we have to stop being in denial.

-John Wayne


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