Trailer for Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero



I made a trailer so you can get an idea of how the product is like. Its structured in 3 modules. I might make 4 modules, one for infields. Or I might mix the infields together. Its already being filmed. I was out yesterday filming. I might use some archive clips too. I’m not using anything from the 10 infields in the vault. I’m going to save those. While they are just to the hook point, or demonstrations of instadates for Wayne 30. It is what this product is about, 30 different components of social skills.

I can’t believe how effective this programs is to teach people. This is the solution the world never came up with for game. Its always about more game and never about more social skills. Build the game on top of the social skills. I teach social intelligence. Although our company has the worlds more powerful daygame system. I’ll be honest with you, your battle efficiency goes up exponentially when you start to max out your social skills. Listen, if you are Asian, feel you have hardly any social skills because you only focused on school and survival value. Or you are East Indian, you were forced to be smart. Or if you has traits of Asperger’s and you feel socially impaired. Or you are an RSD victim who is so damaged using RSD concepts as a minority. Or you are a beginner but you never gone beyond it. This is the program for you. While Wayne Playbook is one of the best programs around. Since it led to so much student success. That program doesn’t demonstrate it like this one. There is only 6 more days to get the Wayne Playbook.

Just get it already, its amazing. You can’t solve the program with the old way of thinking that cause the problem in the first place.

trailer pic.jpg


I’ll let you in on a secret. When I first joined Wayne Dating Lifestyle. I pitched this particular product to them. I wanted to help everyone including hardcases. I was going to release Fashion Domination: For game first. But this was more helpful. I also didn’t think this product was going to be so deluxe with so many infields or pieces of it to show each part of the skill.

Sold 13 copies now, its only been like 9 days so far. So its selling out one or two copies a day. I believe this is what people really wants. They don’t want no game stuff that doesn’t work. They want to be socially calibrated first. They want clear instructions they can use every single day. They want results. Not everyone are normal cases, although I have a lot of students likes that. Some are hardcases.

Click here to check out the program.

-John Wayne

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