Asian student got laid in the U.S with 2 Skype coaching and online course.

Not sure if he pulled or got laid. I think he pulled one day and got laid another. But he finally makes it into the hall of fame or student testimonials. This guy bought Jan’s course. Thought it was the shittiest thing on the planet earth. He even has more of RSD courses, thinks its the shittiest things on the planet earth. I just got the testimonial when I got home today. Here I am getting so many testimonials a week for daygame. What other dating coaches here can’t even get one of. I get more testimonials or students pulling and getting laid than other dating coaches in Vancouver in a week vs their entire career. Learn to game.

Asian cali

Since you guys are getting so much results from my online course. I might announce a back to school sale. While the prices are the same, I will include 4 Skype sessions instead of 3. Just till the end of the month. I might announce the sale tomorrow. For those who are holding off on the course. Now is the time, use it to campus game.

I also saw someone teaching daygame with curly hair. Or my bootcamp student did. Their student and that so called instructor looks like they are copying my fashion style. Down to the faded haircut for their student and their blazers. Look even if you can copy my fashion and it makes a bigger difference. You don’t have our level of game yet. The fashion is only to hook better and put you above that line. But the game puts you there. Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery. Still at least someone else sees that looks do play some role in daygame or aesthetics. Less of an uphill battle.

Also my student saw me approach a 18 year old model. She is one of the prettiest girls I ever seen. My ideal type sort of girl. I tried to pull, was at her place but never got in. Still, it didn’t take that many approaches. I never dealt with so much objections in my life. Or resistance for that matter. Regardless, it was a good effort. Gaming no girls isn’t easy of course. Still bootcamp student pulled twice now. Tomorrow is his last day of bootcamp.

Lastly the greatest thing about this week so far. My shock and awe week of student success was, I don’t have to fucking market shit. I just post their testimonials because I’m flooded with student success. This student i’m teaching in a bootcamp realized just how hard Vancouver is. It has no mercy. It forced my game to be stronger. When I import the game to other students around the world, its way easier for them. Since I know what to focus on.

-John Wayne

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