Student gets laid off the openers video of my online course???

Yeah, a student only started or rarely have time to go further in my online course. In the past he would get friendzoned or flaky numbers. He tried my opener and it lead to a lay. In the past he would just go direct. He was decent looking and tall for an East Indian guy. He never even Skype with me yet, lol. He made the best investment in his life.

Todd Valentine or RSD people said I never heard of anyone getting laid from an opener. Or was it not getting laid from an opener, I don’t remember. What do white people know in teaching minorities. If you go direct, you get positive reactions, yes girls or positive reactions and flaky numbers. Even my newer camera man stop going direct and now he is going to maybe get laid over the weekends. We will see. He has started to see the light. The direct stuff is just a one way ticket into auto rejection zone. She judges you by your physical appearance.

indian 3.png

I posted testimonials for a week now, or around there. To shock and awe dumb asses in Vancouver. I think I made my point so far. I hope your vagina hurts.

-John (the effective) Wayne

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