East Indian bootcamp student from U.S just pulled. (We are the best)


Just want to say to Vancouver daygame coaches. Lol, not on my level. How does my student pull again, every single one of them has for bootcamps from May till now. But you talk about this number close shit. Okay, enough with the narcissism. I think since I have Vancouvers attention shortly. You guys are starting to realize our game is superior. John Wayne is the worlds best coach of one of them. Team Wayne Dating Lifestyle. For those who says whatever, its really hard to talk shit to the worlds most proven dating company. Long Story short, he already pulled to the hostel. Yes its a dry pull, but working on that now. Ends of rant, but call me narcissistic or egotistical or whatever you want. Whatever Bruce Lee bragged about he was capable of too. Its not just talk or saber rattling. Its actually all recorded. My student is recording his infields for me, so I can analyze it.vlcsnap-2017-09-03-16h24m34s708.png

I’m obviously not this tall in real life. Got new heel lifts, but super uncomfortable to wear. Muscles, I’m not this big either. Its a muscle suit. But strangely I get treated like a douche bag when I have muscles. Guys wants to fight too. My student bought a new jacket thing from Zara and used my style of haircut. It made daygame easier for him. You will learn more about these concepts from fashion domination for game.

This wasn’t his only attempt at a pull. He didn’t get her though the hostel door. I have video and video of my in ear coaching along with his cell phone hidden camera video. So all this is documented.


He has been though many instadates. I have it on video. Before he could barely even hook a set. I told him to throw away everything. He was a Justin Wayne student before. A total fucking train wreck of course. It seems whoever he deceives, negative stereotype guys, he destroys. Our game was designed for Asians and East Indians. Or negatives stereotypes to even the odds. The haircut and fashion change once again for the dumbasses in Vancouver who thinks it doesn’t matter is getting him pulls. He once had a bad fashion sense. Lets see what happens on day 2 and 3. Also for those who doesn’t like my personality. I say go….eat….a……dick.

Oh right my next infields drops at Sept 14th. One day after Justin Waynes product.

Another thing I want to note is, how in the fucking world does every bootcamp student can pull? It statistically doesn’t make any sense. Perhaps our game is on the advanced level. Most likely.

My white students first fuck buddy out of the 3 is being edited and censored. Will drop that video soon. I don’t have time but made time this week because of some other dating coach trying to call out the best dating coach in Canada, or maybe the world. Or one of the best, or top 3 anyways for daygame. My statistic are undeniable. You want results, or just to do some stupid Vancouver RSD nation low level pond scum shit? Sign up and stop wasting your time. Time is money. People flies in all over the world to train with me if I don’t have a passport yet.

Ask yourself. How does every single student except one, who has aspergers. All of them pulled on bootcamps. But none of the other students from other Vancouver dating coaches getting any student results for daygame. Is it possible we might have the most efficient daygame system in the world? Is it possible? Is it possible, its not really a numbers game? Is it possible it isn’t a filter game? But a game of conversions? 

John (the undeniable) Wayne

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