White students has 3 fuck buddies (better than shitty Vancouver PUAs)

Actually now it is down to two. The blonde women he first approached in my bootcamp. I’ll show infield of course uncut. She is no longer in his harem. Now he is down to 2 fuck buddies. This is just the beginning. Give it time, he will get more and more results. He is going to be a superstar under my training.


I’m tired, back from filming Wayne 30: From Hardcase to Hero. I filmed all 30 days now. I just have to get some infield examples to show how to demonstrate it for students.

I’m the best blab blab blab. You faggots in Vancouver already know.

Some guy said what you are looking at. Tall 6’4 guy with tank top. His friend pulled him back. I followed him into the skytrain. I stared him down. My new camera man and I talked about martial arts. I dropped I was trained in Krav Maga for 5 years. He knew what that was for some odd reason. He never looked up again at me. I was ready to fight. He walked away pretending to sleep or looking down. In the past, some guy when I winged with PUAs. I no longer associate with any. But, he pushed this Asian guys drink. This Asian guy acted like some beta. He tried to get in my way to push me, I shoulder checked him and knocked him down like a hockey player. Then called him a fucking chode. Regardless, you need a strong mindset. Most of these guys are pussies.

A bootcamp is tomorrow. So, lets see if my student pulls. He flown here from the States. Then again most of my students flies in from all over the world. Even if Vancouver doesn’t always train with me. They will come around in the future.

I saw a bunch of shit PUAs try to do some 30 day challenge shit or aspergers or social retardedness. Honestly, Wayne 30: From hardcase to Hero was made for you autistic fucks. At the end of the day, you are tired. But you love your job. Find a job you love and you never work a day in your life.


-John Wayne


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