5’5 Filipino student pulled 6 girls, fucked 5, one bj. (We are better than you series)

lodi pd




I helped him pass his 50th pull. Lets talk odds. In the past he was Justin Wayne fanatic. He rarely listened to me. He got 10 harsh rejections in a row and flakes. He said fuck it, i’m putting my ego aside and going to John Wayne. He bought my online program with 3 Skype coaching. He only used one. We honestly don’t know what else to teach him, maybe bedroom escalation or text game? It seems he has one foot at advanced level. He is one of my best student. But its very typical of my students anyways.

Lets talk odds. Before using Justin Wayne’s system. Hes one of the very few Asians in the world who could sort of use it. There are only like 4. Some ugly guy I saw recently who looked like an autistic version of Jan said he doesn’t pay dating coaches. If he wanted to pay one he would go to a black guy. I offered him training. He pulls like a 3/10 or almost, said he didn’t want to pay for a hotel. I have a ton of black Justin Wayne victims, what kind of crack is he smoking. Anyways my students odds were like what Tony D Newton said. 1 in 50, number close might lead to a date or something like her coming out to meet you. Lots of flakes. He used to approach 50 girls a day. He runs high volume before for 4-5 days and dry pulls. Sometimes he gets it in, sometimes he didn’t.

New odds under my training. He got laid a few days of course with my training. One daygame session he dated a Latina model, but she went travelling to model work. The other one was another Latina, he banged her. He got 3 lays in 8 days. Just over a week. I’m not going to insult Tony D Newton. But these odds are real, I don’t lie about anything of my students. He is up to 6 lays, the last 3 took up to 5 weeks. This guy works two jobs and rarely goes out. When he goes out, its one shot, one kill or lay. One of the girls he only managed to finger her and get a blow job. He couldn’t close the deal. Its still a pull regardless. Compared to Justin Wayne’s products, he got higher results. He no longer has to work hard anymore in daygame.

Yes, he has dark triad traits, which makes for good PUAS. I have discussed with him to never backstab me like other Filipinos. Of course I discussed this close to a year ago. Its something that needs to be addressed. I never met a culture of such bad people. My camera man now works 5 days a week so I have another camera man for a month to help out. But my original cameraman was backstabbed from Filipino co-workers in the past. Two faced, tried to get him fired, but they saw security footage. He was working hard. She pretended to cry saying he is a good worker after she was caught lying though her teeth. These people are scumbags and sociopaths. No offense to my student, he isn’t a scumbag, but a cool guy. So far he never once turned on me yet. But I have a new policy if I train future Filipino clients. You will be watched like a hawk. I can say my student has high social intelligence. He also is heavily into fashion for those Asians who wants to get similar results. He actually dresses as well as I do. His social intelligence or social skills are very good. He also has a good sexual vibe. He knows how to indirectly flirt.

I’m going to turn every post into two post in one. To give you guys more value and insights. Justin Wayne’s daygame system is always 80% romance and 20% sexual for the escalation ladder. You can compare our systems to martial arts. This falls under the old school samurai Jiu Jitsu. A complicated system. The ultimate seduction model was more like Judo. Its highly cleaned up and more efficient. That was years ago, it turned more like Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Its was technical in 2016 for Conversation Domination. For 2017, it was more about vibes, being natural, invisible game, escaping and over coming resistance like a ninja. It was a system that is like Ninjutsu. We use the natural part as stealth to attack with spicing or ninja stars, blow darts. But in 2017, its more like a MMA system. Its a mixed of everything and very effective. Bruce Lee way back then tried to create a hybrid system of the best moves. I myself was into MMA and was into Israeli Military style Krav Maga for many years. They incorporate the best for self defense. My point is, some things out there are like more spiritual, or self development. It was included in old martial arts. Most of those systems were full of fluff when used in the MMA octagon. Or wasn’t built for that environment. There were stuff that worked very well and wasn’t spiritual or idealistic. They were there purely for military and law enforcement purposes like Krav Maga. Or MMA or whatever. They required no kata, or forms, or any meditation. It was purely to defeat an opponent and survive. For daygame it wasn’t about being spiritual or self development. But it was about getting laid or the results. We have no theories here at Wayne Dating Lifestyle. This is a science and field tested stuff. You will never hear us say looks don’t matter, be in the moment, freedom from outcome. We close the deal, not open the set only. We are not RSD.

Other direct systems are more like striking systems if we are like grappling or MMA. Karate is very rigid, so that is more like London Daygame systems. It won’t work well in street fights or MMA, with a few exceptional people. Natural and direct or RSD stuff was like soft Kung Fu. It was purely flash game or seeking positive reactions, self amusement. But it doesn’t work well in real life. It sure looks good on camera. We are still in the Bruce Lee era, where most systems are either grapping, or striking. I say mix it altogether. Bruce Lee was one arrogant guy. But he was able to form a new concept of hybrid systems. This is the best way to explain it. Bruce Lee in his films would often challenge other martial art schools and call them out for being uneffective or rigid. So if you think I am acting egotistical. Maybe what you are witnessing is me challenging every concept we have been taught. I say hybrid is the best way moving forward. Yes there will always be minions to every system out there. They will follow their marital arts instructor even if his real world results isn’t good. Or their students can’t replicate their results. It all works the same way. Food for thought. If you look at our testimonials. I’m not just flapping my gums and talking shit. I’m actually able to get students good results. I already posted his testimonials here. Look here or click here.

The only way we can get more people to understand our system is to create a internet T.V show like Keys to the VIP. Where the night game coaches challenges each other to a number close. But its 2017, number close videos? Gtfo. Maybe no weight classes, if you are short, then too bad. Maybe for every girl you number close you get one point. Every instadate is 5 points. Every pull is 15 points and every lay is 30 points. It last a week, camera crews everywhere. You bring 3 students. One tall, strong handsome. One medium height and minority. One short negative stereotype to see if the game is transferable. I’m sure we will come in 3-5th place in the world out of 100. We might be beaten by a tall handsome positive stereotype dating coach. The coaches and our students will eat other coaches alive at such an event. Maybe it something I can create in the future. I would let Deepak be the main coach. I’ll be the medium height 5’7 guy. This student is the 5’5. Maybe bring my white student who has 3 lays in 2 months. Or maybe someone of Deepaks choice. Justin Wayne, his game is the least transferable unless the student is black and a positive protector status stereotype. He has to bring a short Asian, I already taught him as he switched camps. So he doesn’t have a lot of Asian students left if I’m teaching one of the 3-4 he has that claimed his game works. I know this isn’t talking shit, but they do come to me for help or ask me about my program. I even met some Taiwanese guy from L.A the other day who took 6 months to master with zero results. Same with another taller East Indian guy. Dude that is positive stereotype game, ours is for negative stereotype.

This guy Cajun done very well on this show. But more impressive if pulling counts instead of number closing.

I be honest, muscles, height, fashion, hairstyle, vibes, it all helps. Its not one category like game. Its about getting over the line of datability or fuckability. Guys with big muscles might not need as much game. So it isn’t transferable. But in the competition, anything goes like UFC 1. I figured if we win, we might. Or top out, people will see it in action and it forces the daygame systems to adapt to us. Then people would be educated. In the future I am posting students infield pulls on bootcamps. While some students pulled when I was leaving or in the morning. I still have a lot of clips of students pulling since its a 3 day bootcamp. Stay tuned. Yes as arrogant as I sound to you, i’m more like Bruce Lee trying to force an evolution in daygame to the world. Our game is super powerful. I have created some of the best daygamers around the world who can eat other dating coaches alive in their area of the world. But not too many people knows who we are or what our system is like. This UFC of daygame will force all the other bullshit systems to retire. Darwinism. I am making big claims, but its all backed up in the testimonial section. If you look at students results, we already won that part in Vancouver. Since we are the only ones in Vancouver to get testimonials of students pulling and getting laid in daygame. Not night game, but daygame. I might make a video looking at 100 dating coaches, the most famous ones. I bet the best marketers with the most privileges, has the least student results. Its purely mind control from free advice and some singular cult worship. Back then the first UFC wasn’t one fight. It was like many fights in one day with no weight classes. It was like a kumite or blood sport. Was more awesome back then. Until such a league happens, people will continue to dismiss our system. I think a decade from now, everyone will use an escalation ladder and go for same day lays. Or try to pull and finish the deal on a day 2. We will still create something better then. We update yearly. I update every few months with the bootcamp students as field test subjects. Now I will teach the students how to flirt better since the last batch could of been better at it. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many words I write. The students results speaks for themselves.

Of course this may never happen. People doesn’t want to risk their daygame systems. Their pride is in the way. I meant he industry is full of dark triads personality. Most will back off, too bad. The darker skinned guys will do it. The preselected black guys with white women. But the white coaches will run as fast as they can the other way. Its why we are all stuck here. Most of the dark triad sociopaths believes their opinions are facts. Deluded, so they project opinions that are not field tested. What works for their body type or cirumstances might not work for a short Asian guy like my Filipino student here.

-John (the hybrid) Wayne


  1. Hey I have your online course just wondering if you ever plan to add a video on flirting. Also if you ever plan to come to NYC in the future to teach.


    1. I think I should film or record one. Redo the teaching methods. Lots of people doesn’t understand the concept. Even if they are generally taught it. I’ll figure something out of what to do and what are the common mistakes. Bootcamp clients often makes this mistake too, its not something most people are used to doing at default. I’m going to be in the U.S sometime next year teaching bootcamps. Not this year, i’ll be mostly in Vancouver.


    2. Dan, did you share my playlist on redit site? I don’t approve of this. You are from new York like the other guy. Take down the link. I don’t want my material shared dude. Which student are you of mine? Seems like you are sharing your account too. I’ll disable your account if you continue.


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