(our students = better than urs) Student Philippines. From approach to GF, video testimonial.



Unlike other dating coaches in Vancouver. Our students gets results and even all around the world. Even though I am hesitant to train Filipino guys. Yes this guy nearly backstabbed me but I ejected and distanced myself for 6 months. He apologized to me and I forgave it recently. In my life experience, most Filipino guys will turn on you unless you are Filipino yourself. I digress, its not related to the topic. Whether my student is reading this or not, I do forgive you. You have a good heart, but most doesn’t. Sorry in advance for writing this. I really have to make an important point. He still is grateful for his success under my training and still considers me his teacher or instructor. I’ve had students who are hustlers, who ask for discounts and later turns on you. Its kind of my fault for allowing it. I even gave free advice, they value you less. He is still one of the best daygamers in the Philippines.


I trained him from the grounds up. I taught him about passive value and fashion, hair. I even selected his clothing from the grounds up. He has my online course and he scraped together whatever money he had with his friend to pay me for his Skype coaching. He had one Skype coaching. He got a lot of same day lays under my mentorship. He even got his first approach to girlfriend from my training. While dating coaches in Vancouver stuggles to even get one daygame testimonials about students getting laid, never mind same day lays. But approach to girlfriend, without using night game.

Factually this student was a Justin Wayne, RSD fanatic. He didn’t get results from it or very minimal as expected. He even gave me Justin Wayne’s book way before. But when he stopped using natural and direct game. Or Justin Wayne’s version. The same day lays just kept piling up until he found a girlfriend.

Now that I have Vancouver’s attention. I’m not validating myself, but educating you on who is really the best coach in Canada on a statistic level. No matter how much you hate, you can’t deny my students are succeeding at such a high rate. There is something to our daygame system. That other systems can’t match yet. This student is actually only 5’4. His style was total shit. It was almost as bad as Vancouver Asian PUAs. He didn’t have a fashion sense until now. Its why I am creating Fashion Domination: For game. To help people all around the world. His girls keep moving up in scale when his passive value improved.

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting diffeerent results. The fact students are going to multiple dating coaches here in Vancouver without getting any daygame results. Then swapping students among instructors. Deep down, you guys aren’t getting any results or laid. Just faster phone number closes or taking action. You say looks don’t matter. The only way to bypass fashion is to get muscles, which you don’t have. This is just the beginning now that the Vancouver stage is shining its light on the best dating coach here. I have so many testimonials, I just want to throw it out there asap to clear it all out. We know you can’t even afford my course because you are sociopathic, value taking, hustlers. You will pay every dating coach here, including RSD anything they ask. But it would of been cheaper if you spent it here. You would of got laid and the thousands you spent. Sucks to be you. You will say I am arrogant with chip over my shoulders. Bruce Lee was arrogant and had a chip over his shoulder too. But he was right in the end. Maybe I don’t know, take a bootcamp and stop being stubborn? Especially the Chinese who wouldn’t train under me because they like baggy homeless clothing and fobby hair. Who are negative stereotypes. Who auto rejected my training when I said you have to get a haircut. They say what is wrong my hair. Hey morons, unless you have muscle mass or UAR, universal attractive rating. Maybe don’t look like a homeless fob.

Listen, in my line of work as a dating coach. I can go two routes. One is the idealistic, route of looks don’t matter. Everything to comfort your ego and take your money. Like the other guys in Vancouver and around the world. Or I can say, hey, this is what the real world is like. Its sometimes brutal, unfair and ugly. But this is how you have to adapt to turn things around. Its a case of idealistic thinking vs proof or results based thinking. This is why you sociopathic dark triad Asian guys aren’t getting laid in Vancouver. You are stubborn, opinions as facts, your ego or narcissism doesn’t allow you to adapt. Your stubborn pride and choosing the wrong coaches. You guys are part of the problem. When i’m training people all around the world next year. People pulling and getting laid around the world. No wonder we can’t turn things around here like in some other places. You stubborn Asians are the problem. You don’t want to train with me. Its fine, I can’t save people who doesn’t want to participate in their own rescue. Its all just stubborn pride and extreme sociopathy. Its like Bruce Lee vs other clans he took apart. You guys are just loyal due to the amount of time and money you spent or wasted elsewhere. You aren’t after results, just being part of a clan to fill your human needs for connection. Getting laid gets you connection too btw.  

The next testimonial will be another 5’5 Filipino student. He has dark triad personality like most of the Filipino guys. I just told him, I am aware and no way I will let you stab me in the back. He knows and is working hard to not backstab me. I’ve always known, I even wrote a blog post on it a long time ago. One thing you notice among Filipino guys was, they have angry predatory stare in their eyes like they will get you fired or backstab you. But a fake smile on their face. Never look at the smile, look at the sociopath eyes. They all have it, its hard to hide since its a genetic trait of psychopaths. If someone has a lazy eye or they point in opposite directions. I always know he has psychopath genes. In the future for Filipino clients, the new precautions is to brief them on their behavior. How they will backstab me or have the passive aggressive tendencies. They all have dark triad. I will keep a close eye on them. Yes they will be nice to you at first and try to be cool. Its their camoflauge. But yes I have a ton of Filipino clients in the past. Even that faggotry PUA Acedemy kicked me out of their social media group when they found out I was a Wayne. I became a threat to them. They always inevitably end up backstabbing you.

Since I have Vancouver’s eyes finally watching. I’m going to post awesome shit and schedule it in for the entire week. I won’t be home when these are posted. But someone has to show you, everything you believed about game is wrong. I’m going to turn your paradigm. Wait that’s too big of a word for these morons in Vancouver to understand. I’m going to turn your perspective upside down. Then post so much student proof, you will question why you wasted thousands for inferior bootcamps. A fool and his money, parts ways. 

-John (my students are getting laid and yours aren’t in Vancouver) Wayne

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