Bootcamp student pulled again, didn’t get it in. Almost.

I’m not coaching today, hes here for a week. But I’m giving him tips though text. He knows how to flirt now, which is helping him make out and pull girls. But he doesn’t know how to deal with objections. In fact that is the second biggest issue with my clients. No one knows how to flirt, or deal with objections. He couldn’t get her inside the room. He tried, but wasn’t enough.

pull again ma.png

What is an objection. Its something that is a sales term. Its overcoming objections that is difficult for some people. Its about persuasion. You seed the idea of sex, then you will usually get 5-10 objections. You clear them all, you get laid. You don’t clear any of them, it’s a roadblock. Unless you are tall, strong and good looking. You won’t get as many. Deepak and I discussed about Jan Lifestyles bullshit advice. He would say bring her to your place, make it seem like no big deal. Deal with objections and she will walk in. Tbh, he is a tall good looking guy as Deepak said with no game. So you have to engage and spam her bring logically until she walks in. We call it the pull talk. But all of these tactics are top secret for our clients. Jan dry pulls in his videos and online scammy course because he doesn’t pull on the first meet. He does it after 3 meets. His game is flawed. He doesn’t believe in the romantic/sexual escalation Wayne style ladder. He even tries to have a boyfriend/girlfriend frame. Like Justin Wayne style of romance. So he dry pulls white girls. Only could get Asian girls who can see him as a boyfriend material that way. You see how technical game is? We play the game as if we were the most negative stereotypes in the world. With next to no advantages except game. We have tactics and vibes, escalation ladders, while most of the daygame industry believes in building attraction first. Being gamey AF for the first part. Then all connection. Then phone number closing to dating. Then seduction is at the last minute when they dated for 5 times with the 7 hour window. Fuck that shit.

Yes the student went too fast, could built comfort. Regardless, its still some kind of a pull. Not sure if it is technically one, but he did escalate so I would count it as one. Its still reference experience. But now one attempted pull, he couldn’t get the girl inside the hostel. Second one pulled, third pulled too. 2 pulls so far. I’m training him to get it in. But outside of objections, you have to seed the pull and deal with objections. We have two ways of doing that. For us….wait we can’t talk about it. My other camera man, the guy helping me film the product is using my game. He was from London, so he has the same issues with flirting and objections. He might get laid soon with an older women. She is into him, i’m going to help him get it in. But both are dealing with objections.

I incorporated objections dealing into our system like 8-9 months ago. Its not perfect, but this movie part shows how you can use scripts to bypass objections. Jan uses these scripts too to dissuade dumb Chinese autistic fucks away from training with me. The training they really could of used. He ask them questions and tries to lead them away. But objections dealing is the second biggest issues my clients faced besides flirting which is number one. I’m just pointing it out. I’m not giving away any of our tactics. Also, since my students are able to pull. Although this one was a bit messy and too fast. I still like the effort because he gets more reference experience.

I have so many fucking testimonials to post, I haven’t even posted it all yet. This was a week of shock and awe. To Vancouver dating coaches and students I have the attention of. I haven’t even finished tbh. There is so much more stuff to post. I used to get 5 testimonials a week, now I get 5-10. Maybe even more. I no longer have to market. My students are succeeding so much. Next I want to post my London student from first approach, in ear coaching with my game to fuck buddy. Also, another guy who got laid using my openers in my online program. I updated the online program page btw. But I want to say while I am narcissistic and stuff. You guys are so outclassed so badly. Its at a point where you can say nothing because you can’t back it up. It must suck when people stops hating and maybe one day starts, I don’t know, respecting that i’m this good as a coach. Its why I charge more because our stuff works. Time is money. I’m saving you time and money.


If Bruce Lee can brag being good at something. But having the foresight for a hybrid system. While most of the industry sticks to one system. Or in this case, you guys sticking to direct. I myself should be able to say my piece because my students are successful. They demonstrated time and time again. All of the theories about number closes is turned upside down. 50 to a date or something happening. Wtf, now he can hook over 85% of his sets and he instadated quite a lot. He pulled twice now and one botched attempt to get her into the hostel. This is only day 1 of his training. He is doing this on his day off. Second day of training is tomorrow. Yes, game is real. Everything you ever knew about game is just beginners level to me and Deepak. We are so far ahead of the industry, you have no idea. You need to stop dismissing people because of their bad accent or ethnicity, or for myself, being a skinny short Asian. You didn’t realize Deepaks game is superior to anyone else’s for someone who has so many shortcomings. I myself have many short comings too. Oh right, my next infield drops at Sept 14th, 2017. One day after Justin Wayne released his program. Also, no our system isn’t like his. Its revamped completely. You have to be retarded to not see the differences. Its a samurai vs a ninja. We have a natural invisible escalation ladder, adaptive game. His is rigid, gamey, structured to the max. Its only for positive stereotypes, our game is adapted for negative stereotypes. Ninjas are never as strong as samurais, but they never fight symmetrically. Or strengths against strength. Even when I learned Krav Maga. I always go for weaknesses. If I play a game designed for a bigger taller stronger guy. It won’t transfer over to me. Its why Jan Lifestyle’s or Scam Lifestyles game doesn’t work. You would need the exact same height, wide shoulders, looks he has to run it. I hope you get my point. Always fight unfair, you can’t win the normal white dating coach style route without the preselection or protector status. Muscles and preselection can help black guys in daygame. Imo, they don’t need as much skill, they are every blonde white womens dream.

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-John (the asymmetrical warfare) Wayne.

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