Different type of dating coaches


The overly positive thinking upbeat coach.

The good thing about this coach is, its easy to listen to what he says. He is usually the best marketer vs the other coaches.

Advantanges: All dating coaches has different personalities. You have the ones who are very upbeat and uplifting like RSD Max.

Disadvantages: Who cares if he is results based or not, but into idealism. That is one of the personality types. Since the coach is so politically correct, uplifting and never offending your sensibilities. His ideas are purely positive thinking and not results based. The world isn’t a positive happy place. Pickup can be brutal and lots of people have seen it first hand. In Cali and other places, there are a pickup culture. In Vancouver, there is an anti PUA culture and other bad coaches in terms of student results. These types of coaches doesn’t get students results. If you want a bandage on a wound, this is the type of coach that would appeal to you. These types of coaches travels and teaches around the world. In their 2 week trip of new advice videos and hotseats. Their game is so weak, they don’t produce pull videos during that time from daygame. They depend on direct and spam approach.

The total asshole, narcissitic trolls douche bags coaches. I hate to say it but I fall into this category too. There are other very top level coaches, ones with tattoos, ones with super high lay counts too. But the weird thing was, it must be very incongruent for a 5’7 Asian guy like myself to have this personality. We Asians tends to have a beta timid side to us.

Advantages: You really get to call out the industry on its bullshit. You really get to express your real thoughts. You get real results and your students do too. You see the battlefield of game in a very realistic way. You can adapt fast to it.

Disadvantages: It hurts your business. It totally niches your business in the short term. But in the long term, you will grow a following.

The run of the mill dating coaches. These are the types that doesn’t stand out or plays on a top level. They just exist. In Vancouver these are the Eddy Ballers and Tony Douche Newton. They have this narcissistic side as if they are very big time. But they don’t have much results to show if any. You also have these black guys who uses tinder and stuff. Who pass off their results as daygame. They are often ignored as super stars in the industry.

Advantages: They have a small following and can often slide under the radar.

Disadvantages: There won’t be the fame or recognition that is related to it. Its like the C list actors in the industry. No one gives a shit. This is also a category a lot of Asian dating coaches falls into. They often disappear or become slowly irrelevant after a year. I’m already near my third year teaching. I’m a Wayne, I work for Wayne Dating Lifestyle. I work for a really big company that is on a world class stage. But there are so many other guys on youtube who hustles harder than me who doesn’t stand out.

The scammy entrepreneurs, (I am going to be rich) dating coaches. These kind of guys rarely talk about pickup in general. They only talk about growth hacking. They don’t really give a shit teaching bootcamps. They are extremely scammy. When they don’t make the kind of money they want, they get depressed. Jan the scam Lifestyle is this type.

Advantages: In the short term they make a lot of money. They can charge high prices.

Disadvantages: in the long run they burn out after two years. They just go though the motions and collect people’s money. Over time unless students are getting good results, they will easily fail in the industry. If you are good, but not showing results. You will still be crucified.

The privileged PUA, shitty teachers. These types of coaches has some sort of SMV or ethnicity advantages. They are either white, blacks or Latinos. They tend to be over 5’10 and taller to 6’4. They are positive stereotypes and have a certain level of preselection. They are not negatives stereotypes. Companies like RSD and a lot of tall London teachers. Or European guys. You don’t have to have the best looking face. As long as you have the SMV.

Advantages: They have great ideas and really cool concepts. It sounds like they found the holy grail of pickup. It sounds good too.

Disadvantages: They have a very low yield or student results. They are unrelatable and its not transferable. They get forgiven for their SMV, they don’t know what to focus on as the pareto principle. Its why every single one of their concepts failed. They really can’t empathize with you on any level as a minority. There are positive stereotype minorities and negative sterotypes in terms of SMV. Of course everyone has a different U.A.R or universal attractive rating. But there is a hierarchy of SMV or ethnicities. Guys like Asians or East Indians. They have a low yield of success with these coaches. Not all minorities are the same. Like a big black coach who is preselected by white women. Isn’t the same as a fresh off the boat Asian student.

The idealist. These type of coaches thinks they can change the world. People like JT Tran who thinks they can empower Asians and myself included. Even guys like Mystery. These types of coaches will last very long in the industry. Money isn’t their main focus, but its secondary to having a mission. Their mission is to change the entire landscape of the world.

Advantages: They are driven and will last a long time in the industry

Disadvantages. Over a decade, they can stagnate and go through the motions. Letting other coaches working in the same company do the grunt work. They turn into everything they were against. Being so long in the industry, they can risk looking older and losing their UAR. For me that isn’t a problem. Another disadvantage are, some of the students are totally mind controlled by other companies. Its hard to appeal outside your niche.

The I’m too fucking good at game, but I’m not rich coaches. These guys are extremely good at game. They have it figured out. But their marketing is truth based and results based. It simply works like magic because no privileges was involved. They can produce results and their students can beat most other people’s students in the industry. These are guys who do repair work. But for some reason, they don’t resonate as well with the dumb sheeple masses who likes RSD.

Advantages: The game is solid and the students are getting results after getting burnt by many other companies. They are the last resort, but never the first or second. The students often are pulling and getting laid for their bootcamps. John Wayne has the most student pulls and lays in the entire industry for daygame statistically.

Disadvantages: People doesn’t come into daygame to get laid. They don’t care I have so much student results. Most of them are happy to even approach, be in the moment, mentally masturbate and do self development. They do this because they got dark triad, or comorbility. Meaning dark triad including depression, anxiety, aspergers syndrome and every thing else inbetween. They are secretly trying to fix their fucked up self, since they can sense they don’t have empathy or guilt. You see a lot of creepy Asian PUAs in Vancouver like this or RSD Nation guys. They don’t gravitate towards me because they have to admit they were wrong. They have to be open minded and not stubborn when I say fashion and aesthetics does help you hook sets. They will say their cult believes looks don’t matter. Even if you field tested it helps them pulls.


-John (the idealist) Wayne


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