Another past student now got a girlfriend with my training

I’ll just list all the facts then.


He is 5’4, from the Philippines.

-He had a make over and his results skyrocketed. The girls looked better too over time. I picked out his hairstyle, hair products and clothing even way back then.

-He used to use RSD concepts and Justin Wayne’s book the romantic connection

-He tried to run both systems at once, not understanding it. Was using natural game too.

-He had an RSD Tyler avatar and was named Eagleman before.

-He didn’t get much results in daygame, was struggling

-He got his first same day lay with my training in a few days

-he pulled many times and got laid many times

-he got a girlfriend with my training

-I told him he shouldn’t give up on the game, this girl wasn’t compatible and he will experience extreme disrespect from her and heartache

-he was with her for 6 months

-he is going to make a video testimonial for me to update his existing one.

-Justin Wayne did have 5 Asian students with some success. Two are dating coaches and one is super tall and handsome. One guy got married as Justin told me, Arron Yi or something similar. My other 5’5 Filipino student was a fan. With my training he got 3 lays in 8 days with 3 blondes, evidently more efficient. I had one Asian guy told me it worked, he got two Asian girls not white.

-I have a lot more Asian student success in terms of pulling and getting laid. I get a high yield of success stories vs 5.

-We both used to post at PUA Aced forum group on facebook. They kicked me out when I was officially a Wayne. I had a lot of Filipino clients before from that group.


Opinions: So yeah, i’m now giving a more balanced opinion based on facts. I think that would be fair to say both sides of the story. Not bashing anyone, but I can only tell the story from my experience. This was all true, back then I wasn’t a Wayne and teaching both Justin and Deepaks system. But I was teaching Deepaks version more. He just posted a few days ago and he was one of the old testimonials. I’m going to update his video testimonial adding one more update with his video. What is my point? I think it is cool to show students results. He was open minded. He got a girlfriend from approach to sex to girlfriend. In my opinion, we have a very powerful system that works around the world. PUA Aced is like RSD. They hurt other Filipino guys giving fluff advice that doesn’t work. Its too bad really. I called them out on it too. I think they kicked me out, not for advertising, but me being a Wayne. They were scared shitless. I was just another independent dating coach back then who taught Wayne technologies.

Our system was working for years. I used to teach a more structured detailed version. It has gone a lot more natural now with vibes. Although our structure and steps were similar. We just keep getting more efficient. I didn’t get a 80% pull rate before. At this point it was around the 75% mark. You might think its just 5%. But it can make a difference. Our system works better for Asians and East Indian students. That 5% was their success at a later time. I’ve been teaching more advanced mindsets and giving them tools on the advance level. Deepak wasn’t that happy I taught them these. He told me I had to keep these mindsets a secret. But is delighted now seeing the results. Now all my students currently are using it. My bootcamp students success has shot up to 94% pull rate. They pulled multiple times. Got laid after and before bootcamp even pulled multiple times.

To be updated soon as he films the new one.

Listen, do you want results. Or just to self develop? If you are there for the mental masturbation, free advice and taking action, being congruent. You haven’t been burnt enough. If you want results, contact me and learn from me. Even if I am not the nicest guy for my posting. I treat all my students with the greatest care and empathy.

More insights. This guy used to work for PUA Academy in the Philippines for telemarketer role. As soon as he started to train under me, he kept phrasing what I coined at the time Wayne Game. He would often bring it up to their disapproval. Yes I did get kicked out for announcing I was a Wayne. These guys are like RSD. While not a cult, they are Asians. There is no white privilege here. They were not competent and taking away the ability for other Asians to get good at daygame. They like RSD are a night game company. But they monopolize the Philippines. For this I put you mofos on notice. You are trying to do good, but you are doing harm. I guess as John Wayne. Its very rare for most Asians to make it to a world class platform. I have no right to police the world. But if you  hurt my fellow Asians, I will step on you. I’m not that concerned with this company that much. I have bigger fish to fry. But I thought you would like to take a look at how the dating industry works.

-John (the efficient game changer) Wayne

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