My white bootcamp student got laid a second time


My white bootcamp student had sex with a second girl now, Asian. The first one was a blonde fuck buddy. But he hired me to get him an Asian girl. I’m teaching him now how to get a harem. But he is a great student. I gave him a total make over. I made him cut off all his hair and grow a goatee. I changed his fashion too. He escalates like a Wayne. Most white guys are afraid to touch a girl progressively. Their privledges forces their hand back and they stick to verbals. When he first talked to me, he asked what is a Wayne? He had no friends, no social circle, he wanted to move. He took a chance, vs other dating coaches. In the future I expect him to get better. For white students, I have quite a few. You have to get over the whole touch or kino issue. Then you would get results. Also, i’m not good at marketing. Truth and results are my marketing. I just get many of these a week. I don’t really have to market that hard.

But I get it, you don’t care about results. You want to self develop, be in the moment in Vancouver and approach or take action like RSD said. You don’t care about getting laid. I get it. If you don’t care about results or getting laid, go with another coach. You will have next to zero chance of getting laid in daygame. So you can quit to night game like most people. There is one tall handsome Asian guy with muscles who have zero daygame testimonials from students. Go fail with him and get stubborn and sociopathic. Say I don’t like John Wayne’s behavior, i’m not sure. But if you want results, to get laid. You know you aren’t getting laid. You know direct doesn’t work in Vancouver. You know who to contact. Sure I’m expensive to hire. But you are worth the investment. You will pay RSD or other dating coaches with no student results anything they ask. Maybe pay me what I am worth. You guys doesn’t know how fortunate you are to have a Wayne in Vancouver. But you trust the wrong people.

If you actually went for the coach with the most student results. Everyone would automatically come to me. But they don’t. They are in game to worship, to mental masturbate and to self develop. But one of these days you might actually want to pull a girl to your bedroom and want to get laid. One of these days. Until that day comes..


The online course is still there, if you are an international student. Check it out by clicking here. My students will get laid, theirs wouldn’t in daygame.

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