Black student pulls 3 Latinas to his hotel

He used our game for a social circle and night game scenario. I didn’t know it worked that way. But he still Wayned it with my game.



-He used the domino effect and it didn’t work for him

-he looks identical to Justin Wayne but a teenager version, same height too

-he was on the verge of tears, wanted to quit game, I was last resort

-he didn’t have any expectations

-he pulled 3 girls or 3 Latinas

-it took him 3 days to after my Skype lesson

-he has my online course, studied it well

-had issues with his tonality, uptalked before, timid

-also had another instadate to makeout

Opinions: I’m not going to bash anyone. I’m just listing accurate facts. But I have a lot of black students that comes to me for repair work. Some has deep inner game issues. Some are so weak, they are on the verge of quitting. Most big tall black guys has some preselection with white blondes. But some are shorter and not as buffed. They lack the preselection and protector status. They get over looked. I just Skyped with a guy yesterday who was also trained by Justin Wayne and Deepak. He was surprised at my coaching. Lets put it that way. Yes for you guys, you will need to do more drills, practice and be mentally stronger. I also have a lot of black students who has succeeded. Some are really big, dominant and escalates super fast. Yes most of them has some sort of Justin Wayne background I have to do some repair work for. Except one guy, who was the guy who got his second fuck buddy. I was his only coach. One Skype = 2 fuck buddies. Like I said, these are all facts. Interpret it anyway you want. It all happened, all documented, everything. I’m just being honest and saying the truth. I seem to be on track for the 5 testimonials a week. I don’t even have to market.

Oh yeah one more fact. Another student the 5’5 Filipino guy from Australia is pulling. I will find out later if he got it in or not. He was a former Justin Wayne fan. Factually he went out 5 days a week before, 50 sets each day to pull once. If he pulled and got laid, he got 4 lays in a month period. I’ll find out.

If all these students are pulling and getting laid. Its time to raise my prices again soon for my online course and 3X Skype coaching. I might raise it to $400 USD. You guys are getting too much for so less.

Maybe sign up for a bootcamp with me? If you are in Vancouver. I have one spot available. Maybe my site doesn’t show up on the search engines on google that fast for Vancouver. Our marketing sucks, but the truth is my marketing. Results are my marketing. I get it, you want to be the moment, mentally masturbate, approach, take action, be the cause not the effect. But if you are tired of that shit, you want some results. You want bang a girl and get your dick wet. Let me know.


John (the real truth seeker) Wayne


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