To all my haters (Video reply to my haters, go eat a dick)


Watch the video already. It talks about how my haters are sociopaths/narcissistic/machevelli manipulators. Or what they call Dark Triad Personality disorder. Or dark tetrad, dark 4, trolls including sadism.






I had a letter on my email from some faggot who hated on me because I bashed RSD. Actually RSD is the only company that gets a free pass of not being bashed because they give free advice. Most of the haters felt it helped them. Also, Justin Wayne gets a free pass, but lately he is even getting bashed from black guys. This hater didn’t like my personality or his girlfriend didn’t either, that slut. He claimed our students are pulling basic girls. How Justin Wayne students are pulling 8, 9’s out of 10. Actually Justin Wayne students doesn’t get any results. Their game is the same and they get auto rejected due to samepagology if they are not a positive stereotype. The girl doesn’t see them as a romantic partner or boyfriend, they can get friendzoned. How RSD Tyler seems chilled compared to me. Lets address this hater.

RSD and Justin Wayne are scammers. One in the form of free advice that leads you into a cult. The bigger the scammer, the more “cool they try to be” I do have people verifying this to me RSD is a cult. Justin Wayne students sucks. If you go into their Wayne Secret Group of whatever buying their talent casting competition stuff. He said Justin has a ton of girls Harem. I don’t deny that, but if he used talent casting competitions to filter them out. While in the end with Stockholm Syndrome where he is the boss of the company doing acting scams. Where she has to submit herself to get that job. Yes some can fall in love with him if he uses all emotions to torture her. Its not hard to figure it out. Stockholme syndrome is when the captors sides with the guy who held them hostage. In this case it was an emotional roller coaster. That isn’t game and why it doesn’t work if you teach it to others. You would need to create another talent casting scam. It requires a whole team, why his other instructors has no results or doesn’t have Justin’s skills. They are too busy setting up the talent casting contest. The status is reversed where Justin is the boss. This guy is smart, but criminal versatility smart.  It still meets the bottom line, but unfairly. The truth is the better the guy is at marketing, the worst their students results will be. They are clever marketers only and smart at making money.

RSD if you look at their 21 best testimonials, no one got pulls in bootcamps or laid. One guy got married. People do pull from night game though, but not daygame. Justin Wayne students are some of the worst. Only one Asian guy got married, rest are shit. They are extremely gamey. But this guy thinks that is a game is only good if students are getting 9’s. The bottom line is our students are happy with their results. Some people in daygame doesn’t even pull or get laid with other companies. Most of my clients were former RSD and former Justin Wayne. They are gamey as hell. For their first pull, the girl might not be super hot. From the looks of it, this guy if he isn’t an alt of Justin. He is a guy with a social circle and he works out a lot. A sociopathic Filipino guy, maybe mixed. Most filipino guys with darker complexion tends to be Justin Wayne fans. The type where you try to be normal and chilled type. Most likely the people pleasing type who said you can or can’t act like this in a social circle. He most likely is a weight lifter, social circle, gets a girlfriend that way type. Lol, just wait fucker. Deepak decides their release date, its all filmed.

Yeah lately, the more I make fun of RSD the more hate I get. Even if their students gets no results. In Vancouver RSD Nation. I’m sure there are more results elsewhere. But Vancouver isn’t easy. Only handful of people got results if you searched lay reports. Half my students has a RSD background that needs repair work. I bet when dark triad sociopathic guys reads this, they get pissed. The anger is within themselves due to their sociopathy. People also tells me all the time, RSD helped me. I said how? They often say when I had a break up, or when I had XYZ issue they helped. But did it get you laid or that girlfriend? They always say no, but it helped for this issue or I felt their free advice helped. But I say how did it helped specifically? They can’t answer that. They only say I find a golden nugget pirating their products. So I say you spend like 10 hours or more just to get a nugget you aren’t sure worked? Look, its not hating if its educating others truthfully. I asked one of my students who has every single RSD product and seen it. He was my last student. I asked how many videos shows for Todd, he kept defending Todd. I asked how many had approach, to date to pull? He said 2. Most were day 2’s without knowing where he met her. I asked how about Max? Max has 0 so far or 1. I can’t remember. But if they are travelling to record videos, then why aren’t they pulling? They have a week and a half during the travels to make something happen. They simple don’t have the game to. Even Jefy when I crashed his cult, he said something about Germany. Then he talked about how they are not a cult. I’m glad you guys read my shit. Even he is a hater, everyone hates on me. Don’t think this is hating, if any of this info is true, its educating you.

This hater made fun of Deepaks girlfriend. But I know Deepak, at that time he used to have 8 short term girlfriends in 2015ish. He only mentioned 6, he secretly has two more. Whether or not they look like a normal white girl, it isn’t bad for a guy who is East Indian with an accent and bald hair who’s U.A.R is lower and SMV. It does require a higher level of game. The is pretty fucking impressive imo. If making fun of RSD helps Asians stop going to RSD to get burnt, its in my interest to educate them. I get hate on a daily basis on the Wayne Dating Lifestyle group too. Its not just this guy. Everyone is a hater if you keep posting more testimonials or more student results. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. I get hated by all the PUAs in Vancouver and even other faggot dating coaches like Jan (the scam no daygame testimonials) Lifestyle and Tony Douche (psychopath) Newton. In the future the hate will double from every coach. But i’m okay with it. I’ll be hated by other dating coaches when they can’t get their students any daygame results. I’ll address my personality in another post. While it isn’t professional to be so brutally honest. I think Gordon Ramsay and Dan Pena is similar. They are no nonsense guys. He tried to imply my personality wasn’t enhanced enough. Out there I don’t act like this to girls obviously. Having an alpha personality does help for an Asian. But I think having a natural personality is better than personality enhancements incase he is Justin Wayne’s alt contacting me. Or Justin Wayne’s 6/10 game which he claims his old domino effect is just tactics. He is doing personality enhancements as a last ditch effort to save his company. If that didn’t work, then he checkmate himself. I’m teaching switching vibes and normal personality. Maybe the best personality enhancement is to look normal and not gamey recording it on camera. My students hooks that way, while occasional spicing the conversations. You don’t understand our game. You assume it is like XYZ game, you are a fucking idiot, stupid mother fucker. I’ll release a new video of my latest bootcamp student commenting on whether our game is like this ort hat style. He will say no.

The only test to see if their game works is to see if others can use it. I’m not talking about 9/10 game. Most of my students were trained at least in 2 other places before they come to me. They learned the so called 9/10 game, but didn’t work. Most people just wants to get their dick wet. They are not trying to be MPUAs. For me I like thin 18 year old pretty girls with nice faces. But that might be a 7-8 for you. They will never be considered a 9/10 vs a heavy make up club girl who looks like 25 years old with a curvier body. Or I like super tall women who are like 6’2 and thin with a pretty face. What if I find Justin Wayne’s women a bit old for me. They are hot to others, but I like girls in their prime more. He did say its hard to date women in their prime, or 18 year olds. I dated more 18 year olds than any other dating coaches since they all look old. I mean a lot of guys rates a women who has a butter face and over rates the body more. Or say I like blondes more. No matter what the face is, it doesn’t count because they are buffed and bigger than me. They like the body more.

This is the girl in my next infield. I’m sure she is above the 7/10 that guy mentioned. Pulled 2 blonde girls and banged one. Its extremely hard navigating two girls tbh even in front of a bootcamp student. This kind of has that Justin Wayne girl quality to her, without the talent casting scam. But this is normal everyday people who aren’t part of talent casting contest. I mean she fits into the 8 category. Some scored her 8/10, 8.5/10 or 9/10. It depends who. I’m happy, so who gives a fuck. Maybe this hater is much better looking than me, if he is a weight lifter. Most people doesn’t really know our game. They always say it is like Justin Wayne or Mystery, they have preconceived notions.

next infield



What about John Wayne’s student results? 

This hater, with is worthless opinion said my students only pulls like basic girls. But this women isn’t basic. She looks like those Justin Wayne girls. This Latino guy is only 5’7, my height. He was able to turn her into a girlfriend. Even I think she is gorgeous.


She is prettier than Justin Wayne’s Latina


Here is his video testimonial. I mean, his girlfriend is quite attractive imo. He bangs a 6’2 blonde too a week before. That was his first white girl. He asked me to get a blonde. Then he got a girlfriend soon, a beautiful Latina. This guy bashes RSD too and got no daygame results in the past. None whatsoever. He didn’t even know if getting a white girl was even possible. He is Latino.


Another 5’5 Filipino student banged this girl. It think she looks okay. He was dating another model too at the same time with my game. He used to use Justin Wayne’s stuff. He couldn’t get much results unless he approached 50X a day and 5 days. 250 approaches a week. Now he just gets a few girls every time he goes out. 3 lays with 3 blondes in 8 days. If that isn’t a higher level of game, I don’t know what is.

blonde latina

Another student pulled a girl like this. For him he told me was his 10/10. Who I am to judge? If my clients are happy. He never had any results using 4 other systems before. He took a lot of bootcamps. With my online course he pulled 3 times in 3 weeks.

j12If this Filipino fan who I hope isn’t Justin Wayne, dude loves creating alts. This video if you look early on shows and details how the scam takes place. I figured it out beyond Deepak. We do not scam here, we do everything the old fashion way. If it means our girls are more average or normal than Justin’s, we don’t do talent casting scams.

In conclusion, i’m only like 6/10 in looks on a UAR scale. I’m the shortest daygame Wayne and i’m Asian. I have the lowest SMV or sexual market value as a Wayne. Justin and Deepak are taller and stronger than me. HIgher on the ethnicity scale. When my students came to Vancouver, there was only one Asian guy white girl couple. The rest were the opposite. White guys and Asian girls. I’m not preselected here. Most dating coaches doesn’t get 9/10 unless they are a 8/10 or 9/10 in looks. There are tons of handsome tall strong dating coaches. Jan Lifestyle is way better looking than me. But he is banging 4/10 – 6/10 censoring their faces. You see tall handsome white European guys who are getting girls higher on the scale when its is their equal score. We all know deep inside that is true. You can’t ignore the industry is full of dark triads personality goods looking privledged tall dating coaches. You look at black dating coaches, they are all going after 6.8/10 looking women, outside of Justin Scamming Wayne.

There are other PUAs out there with the same personality as me. This aggressive personality that does well with women. I won’t name any names, but one has a lot of women in a harem and tattoos. The other guy has a 700 laycount. I mean, to have some stupid slut (the haters girlfriend) judge me for my personality. Maybe women likes a guy who isn’t some fucking beta supplicating social circle mangina. I mean being too nice as an Asian never worked for me.

To add more to the story, now the hater starts to threaten me to fuck up my business and he was a Justine Wayne student dating models now. I mean talk about dark triad to the max personality. I get a lot of hate in our facebook group actually that sounds the same as this guy. What he doesn’t realize was, I had like a dozen haters this week when I insult their favorite PUA. He talks about how my personality is bad, but he acts like shit too.a


I think he tried to change his name, but this sociopath was called James Deguzman. I have dealt with a lot of dark triad personality lately, one after another. A dozen people on facebook just talks like James Deguzman and started hating in a week. How can you tell a hater, they just see the worst in you. Keep saying I am fake, discounting my testimonials. You could be the first of seconds Justin Wayne student who made it work that’s Asian. Reads my post about Asian sociopaths James Deguzman. But the language, sounds like black guy, this could be alts. He admits he is Justin Wayne’s student. The word fronting, bruh? An Asian guy doesn’t talk like that. According to this, maybe i’ll fuck up rippedphysique and call you all faggots. Tank your business, want me to do that?

sociopath 2.png

I looked up this rippedsociopathphysique site before. It seems there is a strong Filipino guy there. Umm, if you are already like 9/10 in looks, going for models, its the same level. Keep hating. What are a traits of a hater.

  1. Haters sees nothing good about you. I acknowledged he might be buffed and the second good looking guy using Justine’s system and got results. Both of the Asian guys are good looking, tall and strong. If I insult someone like Jan, I do acknowledge his good points, like he is good looking, tall and strong. a
  2. Haters are dark triad or tetrad. He wants to get revenge, then that is part of the Machiavelli part or manipulator part. Even the vengeful sociopath part.
  3. Haters never see any good in you, just a list of things that pissed you off.
  4. Do I have a lot of haters? Actually locally the dating coaches hates me. Same with all the PUAs. Is that a fact or delusional as I said? Its true, I don’t associate with any local PUAs, they can sense I don’t like them. Its there hate on other forum groups? Yeah, word for word like the hater above, this James Guzman who is supposed to fuck up my business. I’m going to fuck up his business if he does that. Two can play at that game, it will link back to your business James.
  5. Haters are delusional and if you challenge their points, they come and attack you or argue with you. They love to argue back and forth.
  6. Filipino PUAs, I wrote my opinion by clicking here.
  7. Filipinos PUAs: Positive traits. They are extremely preselected by white women in the United States. They tend to have more of a killer instinct in terms of daygame. They are always willing to pull the trigger. I don’t mean in a literal sense, but I mean pulling her to the bedroom. They tend to be aggressive when necessary, but they often exibit no fears. It makes them good PUAs. They are also a bit preselected by Latinas a bit because they look like Mexicans.

    Negative traits: Unfortunately they have a lot of negative traits. We have a saying here, we call them the Mexicans of Asians. They tend to have darker skin. Most of them are passive aggressive. They will backstab you 100% of the time over time. Its in their nature since most of them are two faced sociopaths. They have a hidden layer or mask. Due to their religious upbringing, they tend hide their anger. They tend to not have empathy or guilt. They always wants to get even. If you have worked with them before, they are the guys and girls, who wants to get you fired at your job. Or they snipe at you, meaning they make indirect passive aggressive comments. Almost every Filipino person will backstab you. Don’t be fooled by their pretending to be cool nature. They really take value and give very little of it back. They usually have a poor economy and are narcissistic to the max. They would at least spend some money on training. But if you give them too much value, they will undervalue you and backstab you. My solution was, if you feel the knife near your back, get away.

    9. Haters often gets pissed off when you insult RSD, Justine Wayne, London Daygame or whatever company they like. They interpret that as hating, when you are educating. They think they have a solidarity of dark triad, I don’t. I do care about my students success.

Lets see some articles relating to people like him. I do get a lot of haters, while you don’t see them. I get a dozen new guys a week. A normal person doesn’t get pissed off.

Reverse search shows who you are. I found your facebook channel. James Tellan when I looked up James Deguzman. Edit: I dropped the profanity and insults. 

I found you on twitter. This was his old business. He said he is a millionaire now.

before_and_after_400x400.pngsociopath 3.png

This guy continues to threaten me, even said he would buy the domain from Jan Lifestyle. Clearly a sociopath. I’m tired of dealing with sociopaths like this. These haters. He claims he is a daygame coach in L.A. Edit: We will just post infields online in the future and compete that way. But not fighting with each other underhanded. I’m okay with that and so is he.

I told him I didn’t want to fight and only fight the legitimate way, in fair competition. I was going to post his pic on facebook and his name. But I decided not to. I ask him not to try to do underhanded psychopath shit.

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

He showed me a pic of him in a prom photo. He wants to start his business coaching daygame in L.A. He is 18 years old and 5’5. He is already a millionaire from other business as he claimed. Well I don’t think your girl here, prom date looks like a model tbh. She has a big nose and squared jawline. I told him on the email she is like 7/10. I think she is 6.5/10. But don’t fight underhanded dude. I’ll take you on coach to coach, without some underhanded bullshit. I told him i’ll cease contact. This guy doesn’t have empathy at all. I’ve dealt with psychopaths before, this guy has all the traits. I usually avoid them. I’m not going to change my posting. Just stop reading my blog if you don’t like it. The fact you try to look down on my testimonials, I wonder if you have any.

Further dialogue, I am trying to level with him. JT Tran was the one who used the statistics 51% of Asian women marries a white guy. But in L.A or Cali, it seems a ton of couples are Asian guys and white girls. I saw his other girls, around the 6.5/10 to 7.5/10 mark. He is still getting it done for a 5’5 guy. In Vancouver, my last bootcamp students flew in all over the world. They didn’t see any Asian guy white girl couples except one. I saw 2, but things are very bad around here in Vancouver. Its all white guy Asian girl couple. I’ll post a future video because I have captured footage of all of these couples. I hope one day Vancouver turns around. I told him that is how I get my view from. There are only like a handful of PUAs who can get white girls from daygame. Two dating coaches and one other guy moved to Toronto.

When I bash Jan Lifestyle or RSD. I do it because they are profiting from Asians and taking away their future. That’s why I do it. They don’t care about helping Asians. Jan is a psychopath businessman entrepreneur.  Some coaches are in it for the money. Others are idealistic like myself or JT Tran who thinks we can make a difference in the world and help people. I’m just the brutally honest type. While I would lose money doing this, in the long run it would pay off. You can’t get a testimonial if you are idealistic, it has to work. Whether the students gets 6-7/10, its still just fine to me. Whatever makes them happy. I have empathy on a grand scale. While it might seem like hating, it is more like caring. We can’t turn this thing around like California or Toronto where white girls are dating Asians if direct game destroyed Vancouver. We need Wayne Game in Vancouver. This other guy was trained by Justin, i’m trained by Deepak. I told him I was very shocked he got results. Only two Asians ever managed to and I retrained a lot who now gets results. I had to retrain a lot of Justin Wayne students, I can even point them out. I have many. Same with RSD, which is half. If he got results, he is still a Wayne in some capacity. We should be focused on other companies like natural and direct and go after them. I’m calling a truce with him and saying peace.

If I didn’t care about my fellow Asians and want to help them. I would tell them all the lies, looks don’t matter. Be congruent, be in the moment. Say what is on your mind, self amuse, vibe with her. Escalation ladder doesn’t exist. Its either trade the truth for money, I lose the testimonials because of idealistic thinking. I think the truth from what I field tested. I mean 80% of the students do pull, 70% gets laid. It won’t make me as money in the short term. But it does in the long term it would help. Most Asian guys only last a year in the game teaching it and fizzles out. You really need a purpose or you will burn out. Jan just sits there and does nothing. Collects money, that isn’t my job. My job is to get you results. As long as the clients are happy. If the girl they got makes them happy, its more than good enough for me. Yes I do bash RSD and Justin and London Daygame and Jan Lifestyle (which is rsd tyler and Julien). Now I know there are 4 Asian guys who can use Justin’s game. But I have over 60 Asians who can use ours. So I still say our game is more efficient. But i’m shocked it worked at all. Regardless, as Deepak told me, if we don’t educate them, they will all go to RSD. They will get burnt, your fellow minorities. Then they will quit game, or get depressed. Its not helping them. They automatically go there. I agree with Deepak, should I say nothing? I’m not sure because I can’t sleep at night. I sleep very well at night saying the brutal and honest truth.

To all future aspiring dating coaches. I do have a word of caution. Its a very cut throat business where only the best survives. Most doesn’t stand out. Most Asians only last a year and they burn out. If they are only after money. You need to have a purpose and contribute to mankind. Its hard to do this job after a year. You will find outside of a select few, most Asian dating coaches burns out easily.

Also, i’m not going to fight with this guy. I’m going to keep it peaceful. But Jan was willing to sell my domain name to him. It just shows Jan, this hater low value piece of shit. Who also bought the Vancouver Lair and redirected it to his site. Also he bought my domain name. Its not over between us, it just slightly might of escalated. I won’t forget this Jan. I won’t forget you can’t get a daygame testimonial, only night game. Maybe quit being a daygame coach, focus on night game. Its wearing you out, you don’t care about others. Just making money. You are an entrepreneur, not a dating coach.

John (The legitimate) Wayne




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