Do aesthetics/fashion/hairstyle matters? Yes, here’s why

This video was the video that got me started on the idea of fashion. Although Justin Wayne slowed down the video and made Deepak look retarded. Deepak made some good points about fashion and the hook point. For me it isn’t fashion, its about aesthetics and fitting into the white girls tribe. Its not about high fashion or anything, just 3 notches up higher than everyone else in your particular fashion style. If you like casual, go 3 notches up. We call this passive value. Tbh, I actually remixed this concept about fashion from another dating coach. While it was night game focused for Asians, I decided to bring it to daygame. You can disagree all you want, but my students pulled and got laid many times after the aesthetic change. I say if you want to make game easier, get over the line of resistance or fuckability. This fashion thing might just boost your game. Of course you still need a Wayne game to max out the right side of the chart. You can’t do that with direct game. Its why direct game coaches tends to be more attractive, taller and stronger than average people. Having nicer fashion without a stronger game won’t get her to jump on your dick. If you can improve something, do so. If not, accept it.

You don’t have to agree with me. People has opinions as facts. Especially sociopaths. Most of the sociopaths in Vancouver the PUAs, tends to have shitty fashion and hair. Along with shitty game. If you dress like shit, you can tell her you do a high status job, like a music producer, or you own a modelling agency. Then show her pics on your PC at home. But we aren’t getting into that. I just tell girls i’m on youtube or I make products and coach in confidence. Obviously I am not a confidence coach. But I don’t want to use a status advantage. Regardless, I can’t get the students pulling in 3 days in their bootcamps or 3 Skype sessions if they don’t change their fashion. Its playing the game on an easier mode.


The changes are fashion and hairstyle. 


On the left, it was the first day he met me to pay for a deposit for training a long time ago. His transformation was dramatic. He gone from a guy who couldn’t even get a date to someone who has a fuck buddy for the last 6 months.


On the left that was his old look. He changed his hairstyle and he got several blow job from a pretty girl. I mean you can say its all game and all skill. But why make it harder?


For this client, he got laid multiple times and now have a blonde fuck buddy. Instead of improving his hairstyle, since it was thinning. I made him shave it off and grow a mustache Neil Strauss style. In the past, his lack of fashion would never be good enough for Vancouver.


I took this pic from facebook. I couldn’t find the pic he sent me. WhatsApp didn’t back up old stuff. When I first saw him, he was in baggy clothing and yellow flannels. He is from the United states, really far away. Really messy hair. But he’s already pulled 4X on the bootcamp. Its unreal because he has this consistency that isn’t seen by others. He still pulled a few more times after. But I think he has talent. He needs to get his alpha on and pull the trigger. But he is good. Romantic sexual connection, not just romance and natural. He has good bone structure, but if we took away the fashion change. Would he still pull as much? He might not have hooked 4 girls and pulled them.


From a guy who wore hoodies and had no fashion sense. Maybe a 4.5/10 at best. To someone who turned into a 7.5/10 in a matter of a few hours. You noticed all my students goes to the same store to change their fashion. Also, they get the exact same hairstyle. I already figured it out.


This student before and after. The typical East Indian look. He is from Victoria. After he calibrated his fashion. He was arguing with me he thinks others thinks his fashion looks good enough. Now he realized I was right. Yes I yelled at him for it and got him back on track. I do that if people doesn’t listen. John Wayne is like Gordon Ramsay. But this is like Kitchen Nightmares where I do repair work. But part of it involves a make over.


This guy lookeds exactly like Kong from Simple Pickup. Which is freaky btw. He is from Australia and flew here to train with me. But he is the newest guy in the Wayne Dating Lifestyle testimonial basing RSD. We sneaked into RSD’s meeting of Jefy. I know it was wrong. Regardless he pulled at the very last 2 hours. He was gamey as hell. Here is the video, he bashes RSD. I think it is our duty as Asian dating coaches to bash RSD because they have damaged half my clients.


This guy over here is over 40 years old. He is from the United States. I actually made him look like in his late 20’s. He hooked almost every set. Almost all the girls were into him after the transformation. He pulled of course in the bootcamp.


This guy flew all the way from a different part of Canada to train with me. He is a skinny Chinese guy. He got night game results, but not daygame. He has trained with many different companies including RSD again. He has already pulled 3X in 3 weeks from my online course. He wanted to know why he wasn’t hooking sets and refining his game in a bootcamp. He was too gamey.

Common traits:

-All my students have the exact same haircut unless they are bald. Line in hair.

-Notice all my students have a particular product in their hair, what is it?

-All my students are wearing the exact same style of clothing. Why does it work?

-All of the students pulled except one guy. They all had a 3 day bootcamp or 3 Skype.

-All of my students looked 4/10, but they all look 7/10 after the make over.

-All of my students had no results before and now can pull or get laid.

-Some believed looks doesn’t matter, but was willing to let me change their aesthetics

The Answer:


Looking at this chart, moving from a 4/10 to a 7/10 really helps my students. I no longer have to worry about the students aesthetics. I just can focus on in ear coaching. Its purely linearly now from Point A to point B. If they made a mistake in game, its not their looks anymore. RSD and other guys like Jan Lifestyle or Simple Pickup said looks don’t matter. Jan is more handsome than you and me, you all know it. Jan has looks though height and muscles. Not all of us are tall, strong and handsome. Sure looks don’t matter, but I can turn your current U.A.R and move it higher. The point is not that looks matter, but you communicate to her that you fit into her tribe. Girls are kind of afraid of foreign guys. The places where Asians are starting to be more preselected is California, Toronto and Ukraine, some other European countries. But they aren’t preselected in Vancouver at all. My bootcamp students only finds one Asian guy white girl couple here. The majority of the couples are white guys and Asian girls. Every bit helps, including fashion. The survival value part of the chart is offset because Vancouver is the highest cost of living city in Canada. So money doesn’t matter here. Women already have money, so they look for looks and the whole package. But looks and aesthetics does help. Do you want to play the game on nightmare difficulty? Or you rather play it on medium? No other dating coaches has a testimonial in Vancouver for students pulling or getting laid in the last two years. To them direct game matters and looks doesn’t matter. In our field testing, which is undeniable unless you are delusional. There is a pattern.


I’m making two products now. Fashion Domination: For game. I made this to help the Asians and East Indian guys. Everyone is a 4/10 and really stinking up Vancouver. My clients all over the world doesn’t really know how to dress until after my coaching. I field tested everything. I didn’t know how to dress either. I tried every combination because I own every combination of clothing. I have developed a new system of fashion for daygame. The concepts are all new. It isn’t some fashionista image consultant faggotry. This is a new dress code for game that took years to develop. 80% of my students do pull in Skype coaching and 95% of them do pull in daygame bootcamps multiple times. Isn’t it about time you learn the secret to how all of this works? Of course game is important, but you want to get over the line of fuckability too. Fashion helps for the looks part. It hooks the set and gives you more time in the set. Are you tired of spam approaching to get no results? I come from Vancouver. The resistance is super high. For the other PUAs here, for looks, status and game isn’t high enough going direct. She judges you by your physical appearance.

chart smv.png

Of course I’d rather not give you guys the secret behind all the stuff my bootcamp clients goes though. I’m the only daygame coach that grabs students by the neck and throw them into a barber chair. I make them get the hairstyle of my choice and the clothing of my choice. Is it extreme? Sure, but it works. There is something to this. If I don’t do this, I might not get over 200 pieces of testimonials. I might only get like 70. They might not pull in 3 days or 3 Skype sessions. Its not whether it is idealistic thinking, it is results based thinking. Marketing and money gets in the way of truth. Saying looks don’t matter is more profitable. 

Other future products I want to release is From Hardcase: To Hero. I want to make a product about basic conversational skills, eye contact and social skills. Yes my students has a 80% pull rate. But the last 20% of the people has aspergers syndrome mixed with dark triad, depression, anxiety all in one. I want to rebuild their basic social skills first before game. I want a 100% pull rate, i’m a perfectionist. There is no psychology treatment or program out there to address this. This would help the world.

I’m here to help the world. Elon Musk believes the best way to make money and to help humanity is to solve super problems the world hasn’t solved yet. While I do need to make a living, I can’t eat air. My bigger goal is to give Asians the tools to succeed in the daygame world. In the process helping other minorities. The fashion looks don’t matter issue has gone on for too long. But for those who still thinks looks don’t matter, its personality enhancements or game maxing. Yeah, why make it harder for yourself? Deep down you know this might help. What if you weren’t living in Toronto or California with a strong PUA culture. What if you were living in an expensive shit hole like Vancouver who are anti PUA? What if you are living in a places where every other dating coach has no testimonials of students pulling. Jan says looks don’t matter even if he was trained by RSD Tyler and Julien. But is extracting all the money out of your pocket giving you snake oil. Maybe aesthetics do matter. Learn it the right way. Its one of my best contributions to the daygame world. Its more powerful than personality maxing. Its about results. Do you want results, or to mentally masturbate and self develop without getting laid? Your choice. Remember, the 80% student pull rate and 70% lay rate isn’t accidental. Aesthetics do help. 


Truth: Everything helps, every category helps.


-John (The results based thinking) Wayne

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