My last two bootcamp students were RSD victims. My reflection on the repair work

One thing I noticed about RSD victims. I mean there are a lot in Vancouver that doesn’t get any results. My students were from Australia and another part of Canada. Yes my students flies in half way across the world to train with me. They both have the same gamey attitude. Both of them couldn’t hook the sets because they were acting not normal. I often ask people, would you talk to your friend like the way you talk to this girl? The answer is always no. Then I ask why the fuck are you talking to her like that? They don’t have an answer. Except they were RSD victims.

I made him do 350 reps in a row to open the girl normally to get the hook point. They all seem to channel this gamey narcissistic personality thing. It took that many reps for both to fix it. Yeah I made my students do 350 drills in a row for an hour and a half. It worked, seems like the magic number to fix RSD victims. But that only fixed one vibe.

One other thing I noticed was a real tough time to access different vibes or tonalities. They really couldn’t really connect at all or access emotions. Its mostly the gamey vibe. Their conversational skills were really off. But once I fixed these issues, then they started to improve dramatically. The hook rate, or hook point just happens over and over again.

I also noticed in ear coaching, when the students knew what to do, it was like hacking her mind. If they didn’t do what I said at the right time, it was like missing the boat. In fact one of my Australian Vietnamese student bought a sim card just to be able to use this feature. He pulled. The other student started to hook every set. He came here to learn why it wasn’t hooking. He was gamey like a RSD victim. Even if someone like Jan (the scam) Lifestyle tries in ear coaching, their students will never pull if their life depends on it, their game is too weak.


The RSD cult



Now I see these RSD nation faggots going out there in the field doing daygame in Vancouver. Honestly, stop trying to recruit my camera man into your cult. You would never fucking succeed in daygame. Just stinking up the field. Leave it to the pros. Whenever I am in the field, these other PUAs including Jan (the scam) Lifestyle scatter like cockroaches in every direction.

I really don’t see a future for RSD concepts. Even this Jan the scam Lifestyle Tyler, Julien game has really destroyed all these Asian guys ability to procreate in the future. The become RSD victims and won’t ever get married. They contribute to this 51% of Asian women marrying white guys. 1/5 Asians not being able to get married. But I heard in Toronto, you always see an Asian guy with white girls, or in California. There are two places or pockets of resistance who are turning things around. But so far in Vancouver, it is the total opposite. Its a rare site to see an Asian guy with a white girl. Its really bad here. The lack of preselection, but other places are slowly turning things around. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime which makes me happy.

I did notice a total shift in my students game. After I fixed their fashion and hairstyle, the rest is up to their game. Their game was slowly transformed. Their results were proportional to their level of game after the aesthetic change. People come here to train from all over the world and the ones who were using RSD tactics has night game results only. Next to zero daygame results for Asians and East Indians.

-John Wayne


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