In ear coaching = why 95% of my students pulled in May and June

Today my current student from Australia didn’t pull. But I have learned a lot of lessons about maybe why so many students pulled. I think they were connected to my brain. Think about it, in May and June, they all were told exactly when to use my tactics. While other dating coaches wouldn’t be able to replicate the same results. Since their game sucks. The point was they have my thoughts and my ideas how to succeed in daygame. I found even after in ear coaching, they dramatically improved to the point of not needing it. I also found that just trying to just listen to an audio recorder and lavalier mic going over shit didn’t help much. The student couldn’t adapt for the next set. Only be aware of what to do. I say get a sim card that is compatible to call me. Not only will I hear what you have to say word for word. But you get to correct things in real time. He still has one more day. But I just want to show i’m human. While most of my students do pull and most bootcamps they don’t. I’m still human after all

Mass cult worship of self development circle jerkers. Biggest bunch of sheeps ever.

jefy 3.png

jefy 2
John Wayne has left the building. It was me.

He met some of my students during the time RSD was running their cult shit brainwashing others. He asked who has been here since the Ross Jefferies days? Raise your hands. I was the only one. I’ve been in the game longer than this coach actually by two years. I was one of the first daygamers in the world. I never knew that lay guide was for night game, so I used it for daygame. Yes I was there, for a short while before I left. Deepak has no idea I was even here. I’m not going to crash someone’s party of course. That’s pretty inconsiderate. But at least they knew I was there. But the student from Australia met my students. My students are now dating 3 girls a week. Some are 8/10 and for a 10/10 Asian equivalent. They already pulled multiple times and got laid. It was like the alumni showing the new student their success. I’ll feature these guys in this guys bootcamp clips. Its really something. RSD has 21 student testimonials they called their best. Only one student got married. They have no other testimonials. Its pretty similar with Jan Lifestyle. My student said he was a total Julien clone in every detail, like the 3 vibes. I saw hundreds of people here. I now know how extent of free advice and brainwashing. People there were like soulless sheeps. Baaaaaahhh!!!!!

John (the in ear coach) Wayne

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