My Australian Asian student just pulled. Eat a dick Tony Douche Newton and Jan (the scam) Lifestyle

locked in 2.pngHe just pulled, i’m posting proof now. I just got home, so I have to recharge my camera. Stay tuned. Lol, these local dating coach cock suckers can’t even get a student pull or lay if their life depended on it. I actually just walked across Jan Scam Lifestyle after my student pulled. I saw his student I told him to stand 45 degrees and use hand gestures. He got a number, but my student pulled. Poor guy. I also see another dumb Asian guy who went with Tony Douche Newton. I’ll post his screenshot. They said local dating coaches doesn’t like me and the community. But in reality, I don’t associate with dark triad creepy PUAS in Vancouver since 3 years ago. So no one knows any updated info on me. You guys, i’ll call you all out in a future post about dark triads personality and sociopaths. In time it would all make sense.

I am going to copy and paste RSD 21 best screenshots. They have no students pulls, but only one guy got married. The rest failed like Jan Lifestyle students. No matter what kind of shit you guys talk, you have no proof behind it. I have over a dozen infields I haven’t released yet. You dumbasses. Too bad you guys just dry pulls. Most of Vancouver gave up. I’m calling out the community in future post. Most of you are stubborn and creepy. You are too cheap to afford my bootcamp, cough Chinese here. The Vancouver Lair is full of scum and villainy. You guys don’t get along with me because you are all sociopaths who are narcissistic and stubborn. You all failed badly. I want to show you the dark side of the force. I want to show you how creepy local PUAs are. If I have more testimonials than Jan Lifestyle, Tony Douche Newton, Eddy Bullshit and everyone else. Please go eat a dick and stop talking shit until you have actual proof you are better.

I always tell my students, when Jan and his students shows up. Creeping out every girl and going for positive reactions and number closes. My students will beat him and the instructor. They always do, since Jan dry pulls and takes 3 dates to close the deal. Mostly just number closes RSD Julien bullshit. Time and time again our students in their infields are even better than the other local daygame coaches. Yesterday my student met two of my students who are dating hot girls. Last bootcamp he saw one of my old students who got laid a ton. Half native half white guy, who I taught to go more indirect version. My students are all so successful. You egotistical fucks are all fucked. Vancouver has no mercy, just a bunch of shit talkers with nothing to back it up. Tony D is the biggest shit talker with no proof. 2 shitty infields he still thinks are advanced. But in reality, not even an intermediate. Just a beginner who is too gamey. Can’t even stop the girl.


John (the real deal) Wayne

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