Student pulled again for a third time this in 3 weeks. But seriously needs to pull the trigger

Pulling the trigger means going for it when you past the point of no return. She is in your bedroom. If you don’t escalate and pull the trigger, you lose the girl. I noticed this can happen to a lot of students. The ones with a beta mindset regardless of race.

pulled again jo

80% of my students pulls, 70% gets laid. Its still good regardless compared to Vancouver which gets almost next to nothing.

Today’s bootcamp student came all the way from Australia to train with me. He didn’t pull, but got one instadate and one hangout. He didn’t know it was possible to He was trained under RSD. It blew his mind, but think like a Wayne. Both these guys were trained under RSD. This guy in the screenshot is my next bootcamp student for repair work. RSD guys are gamey, what happened to both students.

But seriously, for future students. The advice is, don’t just be natural and romantic. It won’t work for Asians. When in doubt, whip it out. Just pull aggressively. Act as if you are possessed. You can be beta, but another side of your keeps leading her to your bedroom. You can’t be afraid to sexually spice it. Romance delays the sex putting yourself into the boyfriend, provider category. You have to attempt to kiss her. The only way you can even kiss her is to hold her hand. There is a progressive ladder. If you don’t climb it, you don’t same day lay.

We saw Jan student get a number today. I corrected him and his stance, hand gestures. I told I’m I am John Wayne. He mentioned Justin Wayne. My cameraman mentioned Deepak Wayne and Justin is fake. While my student got rejected in front of Scam Lifestyle. He did get more numbers, instadates, instahangouts than Jan’s students. He still have two more days to pull. Can he do it? I’m sure he will get laid at home. But lets give him a chance. He was just adapting to our style. He is so shocked its so easy to have girls follow you like hypnotized. He is now very disgruntled with RSD. He was trained by Julien like Jan was. But also trained by Alex Social at the time. He is now wondering, if same day lays or pulls is way easier, then why is he doing 200 approaches to get a date with RSD. We might crash RSD’s meetup for his next bootcamp. Crash is not the right word, visit.

-John (The my students pulls at least, unlike Vancouver) Wayne

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