Why being a effeminate mangina won’t help your game

A lot of people thinks I have this alpha syndrome or toxic masculinity in my behavior. Or they think acting feminine, trying to rapport seek right away and build a connection is the way to go. We have these London faggots as I call it. Pardon my French, but you see a lot of these guys in London. When they go and daygame like the girls gay best friend. The problem is they are very natural and direct. They look for positive reactions, not positive compliance. You would see these guys try to connect with women but getting no results.

Lets get some misconceptions out of the way. I always behaved like some alpha guy. I can’t help it. The personality you see on screen is the same one in real life. I’m as direct and brutally honest as Gordon Ramsay. Its actually better to be hurt with the truth, than to be comforted with a lie. These lies includes looks don’t matter, be congruent and be in the moment. Its all game, this or that bullshit because RSD said so. But this belief didn’t help Vancouver dating coaches at all. Their students has no results in the last two years. The alpha syndrome or whatever term you call it. The truth is women are attracted, wait feminine women are attracted to alpha guys who are dominant. The reason why is called polarity. Batteries have a polarity, you need a positive side and a negative side. Its the same with magnets, the same type won’t attract. Unless you want to act like a beta mangina, this attracts strong, masculine dominant women. Honestly, ever dated a dominant women? Its not fun, when she keeps grabbing the steering wheel and running the interaction into the ground. Women always does and can’t lead the seduction. Women are hardwired in a role that can help support a man. Guys are not attracted to loud, unclouth, anti male, angry difficult types. Its a boner killer, it really is. These women wonders why they are alone when they get older and lose their looks. Also, for Asians acting beta, this is the one way ticket into the friendzone. You might get some compliance, but she will friendzone you in the end. So, learn to be more dominant or alpha. Or she won’t have orgasms, or get wet for you. You will dry her pussy faster than the sierra desert. LOVER

The seconds reason why building a connection right away was tactically wrong was. You need to establish, not attraction as most people say, but value. It can be done with attraction, but these dumb mother fuckers listening to Mystery or London faggots thinks it means being cheeky, or teasing her a lot non stop to build attraction. I say spice it with attraction. You don’t need it all the time. Imagine spicing a soup non stop, it is spoiled. Most people are clueless how pickup works and sounds gamey. Most Asians gives a compliment and 3 minute number closes of pure rapport, uptalking, rapport seeking tonality. It doesn’t work in Vancouver anymore. Unless you are talking to Asian girls. Its good to connect, but its good to spice. We have a stage of our game called social comfort. Or what we call social connection. Of course it is important to connect or deep dive a bit in a later stage. It doesn’t mean you have to do it right away. I plow right away to deal with resistance.

The third reason why is, its idealistic thinking. This respect women even if they never earned your respect puts her on the pedestal. You must never think she is higher in value. You must never think she is equal either, but your value is much higher. Its not because of some misogynistic belief. You always listen to what a women does, not what she says. If she gets wet by your behavior this way, then maybe tactically as an Asian or East Indian in the west, it is smart to. Women responds to value. Will sleep with a guy who is equal or higher value. But there are more than one way to establish value, outside of your looks. It can be your personality and game. Women are instinctively attracted to a grounded confident man who won’t put her on a pedestal. When you say oh wow, oh cool, nice. You are lowering your value and disqualifying yourself.

These tall natural style guys or tall London faggots. Who goes around acting like a gay best friend. Listen, you can try it, but these guys are taller than you and white. They have some value to the girl and giving you this advice because they are privileged. Its impossible to get a girl above your looks scale using natural and direct game. They have this anti PUA mentality how we PUA are all bad people or evil. Its bullshit because PUA are just tools. While our tools works since we update it every year here at Wayne Dating Lifestyle. Their tools are outdated. PUA is neutral, its neither good or bad. It just magnifies who you are. If you were an Asian guy with no fashion and creepy. You just get twice as creepy learning it. If you are a low quality uncool value taker. You become twice of that. Next time you listen to one of these positive reaction seeking, natural overly rapport seeking effeminate men. Ask yourself, do you want to get friendzoned? Okay, lets say you acted feminine. You pulled, you didn’t get it in because you aren’t the lover. You never see her again as a fuck buddy. Which can turn into relationships a lot of the time if you wanted to.

I apologize in advance for using derogatory words. Its hard to make the same point without it. Its too much work sugar coating it.

-John (the alpha) Wayne


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