If you are Asian, 10 reasons why I bash RSD and you should avoid that cult.


Lets list the main facts before I get into opinions. I see Jefy is coming here even though I sneaked into his last seminar. I didn’t pay, but a group of PUAs who knew me took me there to see it.  I will explain logically why you shouldn’t train with RSD.


Or Real Sociopath Dynamics. Am I rite?


  1. I’ve taught people all over the world. I think it is nearly 260 students or more. 80% of them pulled and 70% got laid. Almost every Asian are into RSD and they don’t get any results. Its either RSD or Simple Pickup. RSD might get them some limited results in night game, but zero in daygame. All east Indians are into RSD free advice. They don’t get any results. Do you see a pattern of no results and repair work? Check out my testimonials by clicking here.

  2. Jan Lifestyle is RSD copy and pasted concepts. His 3 vibes bullshit is copy and pasted Julien Blanc concepts. He was also trained by Tyler. See the bullshit Julien Blanc copy and paste concepts by clicking here.

  3. Jan Lifestyle or Scam Lifestyle has zero testimonials for students in daygame pulling or getting laid. So his system doesn’t work. Its based on RSD. Its purely an idealistic thinking system, not a proof based. But he has studentstestimonials for night game only and online. But no daygame. My boss Deepak said Jan is worst than RSD. (Biggest insult) He has no game. Its all looks maxing for compliance. I did explain to my boss Jan gets girls half his looks scale. That he dry pulls in his infields. Jan Lifestyle cleverly hides his lack of daygame testimonials for students pulling or getting laid. Click on here, Exhibit A and Exhibit B

  4. I’m trained for one day by Scam Lifestyle. I basically didn’t know I got foisted with Tyler and Julien Blanc concepts that is white privileged bullshit. My boss the Great Deepak Wayne was trained by Tyler from RSD. He didn’t get any results for 2 years be natural and in the moment, going direct. Both of us got burned by RSD. We became who we are today because of RSD.

  5. RSD is really just configured as a cult. The leader or Charles Manson like figure is Tyler. The self development aspect is what other dangerous cults use to lurk in their victims before they get brain washed. Learn more about cult influences by clicking here.

  6. RSD guys are sociopathic as hell. Tyler and Julien especially. They really have no empathy. Remember some of their incidents. Jan Lifestyle had his local incident. They are a cult of sociopaths. Should be called real sociopath dynamics. However when Alex Social developed a conscience, he was kicked out. When he said looks does matter. Jefy, now that dude is just as sociopathic. People who speak out like Madison saying white guys have it easier. Like I said, the squeaky wheel always gets the grease. The nail that sticks out he most will get hammered. Your company wouldn’t like it. Click here for the mindsets of the company

  7. RSD are phone number collectors. They couldn’t instadate or pull from it if their life depended on it. They rarely have any daygame infields except the same 2 over and over. They are based in night game. Their results or bread and butter comes from night game which seems somewhat solid. Well look for RSD Max youtube. Unless there is one, I don’t watch his motivational cringe worthy shit. RSD Luke uses models as alleged by one guy? Click here. There are a lot of articles saying how they call their students chodes. There are documents going around to fake infields with acquaintances. These are only alleged, so take rumors with a grain of salt. But I wouldn’t be surprised.

  8. The system works only for white guys. You need some level of privileges. If you are Asians saying looks don’t matter. Aesthetics does matter to some degree and higher levels of game that our system teaches. But it never worked for you guys. Trust me I know, I’m a dating coach. I do repair work for you guys. It doesn’t work for East Indian guys too. If you start with SMV, you have to work around it to compensate. It makes sense to work on fashion and using our game to max out your game. uar

  9. You can’t remember a bucket list of 20 inner game concepts and daygame with it. If you are a creepy uncalibrated Asian guy with Asian hair. You will just magnify the creepiness to a higher degree. You still need to understands a conversational structure. It isn’t all 3 vibes, self amusement and asking the 5 general questions when you run out of things to say. It looks Asperger’s or autistic. Like I said earlier, Jan Lifestyle students, the creepiest guys ever by clicking here.

  10. RSD is based in idealistic thinking. Meaning it sounds goods, sounds motivational, positive, uplifting, hopeful. But in reality since you are being delusional and not thinking accurately. Spewing out bullshit like fashion or hair doesn’t matter. Even if it gets you a better hook point and less rejections. These idealistic beliefs are great for marketing. Its sounds great, even the old me will fall for them. Even Justin Waynes truth seeker system is based in idealistic thinking if most guys outside of tall strong protector status black guys with muscles can’t use it. See a pattern? That is the same with Jan. He could use any system really, just flexing and being tall. If it sounds goods, it doesn’t work. Why does someone like me, being brutally honest. Even if you disagree due to your stubbornness and ego. Once you hurt a Chinese guys ego, he doesn’t train with you and goes to RSD or Jan. But these days they are no stupid and not falling for it. Jan bought my domain name. But he is losing clients left and right for it. $50 domain, loses like $20,000 of scamming potential. Was it worth it? When I see you driving the blue BMW. It was builds from the backs of people you scammed.
    Most people are not stupid. They will eventually catch on that your RSD copy and paste Julien Blanc game doesn’t work for daygame. Its privileged game and works only for tall strong handsome people. Not average guys. I’ve been burned by it from you.


John (the I will challenge Todd Valentine and Max one day in a few years) Wayne

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