Idealistic thinking vs proof based thinking (Video advice)

Idealistic thinking sounds good, but never works in real life for average people who aren’t privileged in some way. People who says the openers doesn’t matter. Or looks don’t matter, or be congruent, in the moment, or some other bullshit like don’t touch. Escalation ladder doesn’t exist. Idealistic thinking sounds goods. People enjoys listening to it. Especially the Chinese. If you tell them fashion helps or fix your hair. They get offended. They say what is wrong with my hair. But they are not in the white girls tribe. They are into the fobby Asian category. But changing the hairstyle got most of my clients pulls and lays.

Proof based thinking is some of the meanest most accurate statements that isn’t good for marketing. The idealistic thinking always is very marketable. Since they want to market to a large audience, they have to appeal to more people. So they will say looks don’t matter. But in my teaching experience, aesthetics does matter. I’m not a good looking guy. But when I fix my hair and use fashion, it appears I am decent looking. Other proof based thinking was, hardcases or 20% of my students who doesn’t pull are aspies. Or aspergers syndrome. Or saying, romance doesn’t work for East Indian and Asian clients. If she doesn’t see you as a romantic partner. You should focus on becoming the lover. Text game actually exist, not all point A to B. The advantage of being this honest is you can compensate in other categories. If you knew you were Asian or East Indian, you would know that you have to max out your game and fashion. Or you don’t get over the line of resistance or fuckability. Basically you can’t adapt and get testimonials if you try to sound idealistic. Its always goods to have integrity, be honest and objective. Most companies like RSD won’t risk telling people the truth that race matters.

Another point of contrast is Jan the Scam Lifestyle teaches nothing but idealistic ideas. By using a Julien Blanc copy and paste game, their students gets no results. Its sounds good, its uplifting. But when you appeal to everyone, you help no one. Idealistic thinking vs (actual) proof based thinking. Idealistic thinking = RSD bullshit that sounds good and is motivational, uplifting. Proof based thinking = ugly, truthful, painful = you can adapt and compensate around it by being objective. Idealistic thinking = mass market propaganda = appeals to everyone like looks, race doesn’t matter, keep using white privileged game, don’t adapt. Proof based thinking = adapt your hair and fashion to reduce resistance in daygame. Also, stop going direct every time = lots of student pulling and getting laid testimonials. Idealistic thinking = no testimonials for their students. If 100% of his advice is based on RSD and idealistic. Then, it is why he has zero daygame testimonials. It didn’t transfer over because it was more rooted in marketing. While this makes more money, it is dishonest. You will never get results because you can’t acknowledge the problem and adapt from it. Remember, the first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one in the first place.

John (the real truth seeker) Wayne

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