Tall East Indian client bootcamp day 1 video. He pulled. Other local dating coaches wish their students gets this kind of results. They dream every night, but it never happens.

asdfBootcamps are sold out for July. You would have to book August or Sept. Some spaces are already filled from people around the world. Even if some Asian guys are stubborn here in Vancouver. People will kill to have a spot to train all over the world here. Most of them pulls, even on the bootcamp. They get laid eventually and you won’t. I get it, people are willing to pay RSD almost anything. Even with no results. But maybe you should try a Wayne Dating Lifestyle daygame style. It works, fuck the rest of the bullshit out there.

This student has never approached in his entire life. Its pretty impressive how fast he learned and how much results he got. You don’t even see students pulling in most bootcamps. Its too bad some of you Chinese guys aren’t training with anyone. You can see other coaches in Vancouver is a scam or fraud. Maybe you are saving up for the next RSD bootcamp. But honestly these guys sucks. I am even tempted to show up on their bullshit cult seminar and post a video on it. Maybe you need to be burned by them before you train with me. But regardless, even if you say looks don’t matter. Your hairstyle is okay. Look, every Asian who thought like you quit already. It used to take 3 weeks, now it is 3 days. Its brutal out here. If our style wasn’t so strong, you wouldn’t stand a chance. So consider on your top 3 choices for bootcamps. Why not include us Wayne Dating Lifestyle to the list. Put your ego aside.

Click here for the bootcamp page


-John (I think RSD sucks) Wayne


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