Short 5’5 Filipino Australia student dates model and f-closes another Latina. (Former Justin Wayne fan)

This short 5’5 student is up to 46 lays now. He only had one Skype coaching so far out of the 3. But still, he banged a blonde Latina. He is working in e-commerce so much, he barely went out much to daygame. But for the two times he did. He is getting the consistent results he wants so badly. He was a Justin Wayne fan and used the Domino Effect. Switching over to Wayne Dating Lifestyle System, he is getting results beyond his wildest dream. Its about time an Asian like me cracked the code.

blonde latina.png


Direct won’t work for someone who is 5’5 and Asian like this. He got 46 lays now. But, he used Wayne Game. Now Wayne Dating Lifestyle game. His results are even better than ever with less effort. He used to spam approach a lot but got results. If direct doesn’t work in Vancouver. Maybe stop going direct???

Still both girls lately from the student are attractive. So that is good. I mean forget about going for girls below your looks scale. Unless you like natural and direct filter game.


-John (the i’m not trying to show off or nothing. But other dating coaches in Vancouver will kill to achieve even one of my testimonials. Since they have none so far in the last two years because direct game doesn’t work here) Wayne

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