5’5 Filipino student gets laid again in less than a week.

When he stopped using Justin Wayne’s game and started to use mine. His results skyrocketed. He no longer has to work hard.

lo 1

lo 2

He did 50 approaches a day before. Now he only went out once. Last time he dated a Latina model and also banged another blonde Latina. Now he does it again. He only went to daygame 2X. He was working in two jobs. He didn’t have time. But our game is more effective and efficient than Justin Waynes game.

I say to the Asians, stop being stubborn and train with me. You don’t have to like my personality. You don’t have to like the idea I will force you to get a haircut and new clothing. But you can’t deny my students results.

Find out more about the online program he is using by clicking here.


-John (the results) Wayne

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