How to be more grounded. For the nervous, twitchy betas

How to be more grounded. Being grounded was something I have noticed in the recent wave of bootcamp students. They could rarely focus and stay still. When they stay still, they hardly used hand gestures. Then again if you come from the natural and direct scam group. You would just put your hands in your pocket and try to square off. Not only is this out right creepy and aspergers.

At the same time, I have noticed students using too much hand gestures or too less. Or once they get going, they never stop hand gesturing as if they their hand was in glitch mode. Their upper body moves all over the place. Some calls it body rocking. I say an alpha doesn’t over do this. You can do this front to back. But it is better just to move your hands. Also, not all the time, maybe every third interval of your sentences when you speak.

What causes these issues? A lot of it has to do with nervousness, uncalibrated and being too beta. An alpha male will learn how to keep still yet express him emotions though facial expressions and movements at the right time. He wouldn’t be so easily nervous or twitchy.

To get grounded, I would start to breath very slowly. Eventually you would notice with enough breathing you would get into a different state of mind. You know you are doing this right when you are either seeing details around you. You noticed all the shadows, textures, lighting, all that visual stuff. I myself am a visual person, so I tend to talk faster. But I do notice these details that is related to 3D animation or rendering. If you are more of a logical person, than a 3D person. You would notice more sounds like cars going by or other sounds of people talking when you breath slow. If you think with feelings, you would talk slow because you are thinking with feelings. These guys notice the vibe around them. These are called modalities.

After this step, I would focus on my body, where there is any sensation or pain. So I focus inwards like mindful meditation. I would say there is a nerve pain on my spine for example. The i’ll say, okay now i’m in state. Although us Waynes doesn’t need to be in state to function. We already have an adaptive structure. Well at Wayne Dating Lifestyle anyways. After that we will apply the secret mindsets that I don’t acknowledge. This should fix your issues with being grounded. If you are calm and grounded, she is calm. Its mirror neurons in her brain mirroring your state. Newbies all are kind of twitchy, or they have no hand gestures. Try to find something inbetween.

To the guys who just likes mental masturbation. Sorry not under my watch.

Step 1. Start breathing slowly for a minute. 

Step 2. Look for visual details, sound details or vibe in the environment. 

Step 3. When that modality hits you and you get into state. Just notice the pains and sensations in your body and call it out. 

Step 4. Say I’m in state and go approach the set. You should be much calmer. 

Umm, don’t just sit there, go practice this. It will make such a dramatic difference in your overall groundedness. Just because you are more grounded, doesn’t mean she will automatically jump on your dick. But it is a start.


-John (the grounded) Wayne

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