How to stop a stubborn mother $%^er in daygame (Video Advice)

This video has subtitles for the first time ever. Check it out. 

Video speaks for itself. Out of all my clients, or potential clients. I would say Asians or Chinese people are the most stubborn by far in terms of passive value or fashion in the world. The least successful in daygame. Fashion = social intelligence. So they say what is worng with my fashion or hair? Socially unaware. They don’t take advice well.

East Indian clients are way more open minded in my teaching experience. But I talk about the difference between easy cases, normal cases, hardcases and impossible cases. We are never exactly one or another. Think of it like a plus 30 for easy case and minus 30 for impossible cases. There is a sliding scale. I myself was somewhere between normal and a bit of a hardcase. But I always field tested everything to see what works and what didn’t. That was what led me here.

Its all about the speed of implementation. Those who can implement faster the training here at Wayne Dating Lifestyle would get laid faster. It is really up to your own mind. If you resist advice, which is rare, then you will fail. Its different if you trained elsewhere, you are not expected to get any results there. No matter how much you open your mind there. You are expected to fail. But here, we cracked the code already in daygame for you. So if you don’t listen, or you resist, or argue back. You make excuses blaming something else so you don’t grow. It is your fault.

Most impossible cases in my teaching experience has Asperger syndrome. It is a mild high functioning autism. Click here to find out more info about it.


Its also due to comorbidity. Its not just Aspergers.

In psychiatry, psychology and mental health counseling comorbidity refers to the presence of more than one diagnosis occurring in an individual at the same time.

For most of the stubborn PUAs. Chinese guys especially in Vancouver. They have it the worst of the worst. They often have dark triad personality, with anxiety, depression, Asperger and everything inbetween. They are a train wreck. Its why they suck at game. Its why they are impossible cases and will drop out. Most of these mild autistic fucks usually goes to Jan Lifestyle who is the perfect example of comorbidity. Its what makes him so creepy and he isn’t aware of it. I’m only speaking about Vancouver. Not worldwide. He has no idea why there are news articles bashing him. Like this one when he was kicked out of UBC. Or this article where he started a Julien Blanc incident in Vancouver. Most people thinks its cool or badass. None of my students ever got in trouble before, nor myself. He got punched in the face. He isn’t aware he is the exact definition of comorbidity. A creepy guy, teaching creepy guys. At least I can recalibrate some of these stubborn Chinese clients social skills. But as soon as I said get a haircut, their faces scrunches up. Says Jan said looks don’t matter. (Aesthetics does, both Jan and I are well dressed and better looking than the average Asian. I dress well, he has muscles. We have pomade in our hair, we know our shit) The majority of these guys who said that, impossible cases often are diagnosed with Aspergers or Autism. Or some mild retardation. They are always super tall Chinese guys with messed up hair and no fashion sense. Or some darker skin tall Thailand or Malysian type. I say go to Jan Lifestyle and fail with him. So you quit daygame and stop stinking up the field. Most of these guys failed so badly in daygame, they are never seen again except a night club. Or not at all. It was all due to your stubbornness. You brought this on yourself. Maybe you are the 1/5 Asians who will never get married or procreate statistically. My clients are the 1/5 who will marry white girls. 51% of Asian women will marry a white guy. So, the stubborn guys = softly weeded out of this generation.

My solution is to just stop with the copy and paste RSD nonsense that is not working. Fix your fucking fashion. I am even making a new product just for you guys. But if you don’t listen. There will be thousand of East Indian clients or other races like Latinos who will listen. They will beg for the product. You will be left behind. They are all out doing you guys in terms of daygame. Yet you are still stubborn.

Also, some of the most stubborn guys out there. Those anti PUA sites who bashes PUAs are usually almost always autistic impossible cases. Their vibe is really bad. Their autism or Asperger’s is what makes it so hard to be around other women. They repel them. So they blame women, they have this fucked up belief system that is all looks, money, status. But didn’t realize you can improve your aesthetics and compensate with game. Game is actually socially skills if calibrated. They are only half right. If you look carefully it is really a blue pill and half red pill. Then you will get the whole truth.


Impossible case. Half Chinese, half white. Mass murderer revenge for him being a virgin. In reality he has Asperger’s syndrome and comorbidity. Impossible case. Same mindset as most of the stubborn clients I met.

I know this is a hard hitting blog post. Take it for what it is worth. It is the truth. I’ve seen it all. If you have been teaching for as long as I have. These are the behind the scene stuff no one talks about. I’m being honest, maybe too honest. But I hope you appreciate my honesty. Even if honest to a fault. Maybe it is refreshing to some. No one talks about these things. No one dares. But i’d rather you understand the industry and maybe convince some of you stubborn Chinese or Asian students to join me. By far these are the hardest cases. Maybe I am appealing to your stubbornness to open your mind. There is a better way. Put your ego aside.

Edit: I am training a new Chinese student online for the course for $500. I told him about this post. While he didn’t do well in daygame as night game. I told him about this particular post today. How Chinese people scrunches their face. He said his race doesn’t matter. I showed him my chart about game. I told him fashion helps boost your looks. Also fit into the girls tribe. I showed him all my testimonials. But he decided to take on my coaching. He might be a bootcamp student. So here is a Chinese guy who will succeed in daygame. Unlike you guys in Vancouver. But I even told him, the word Chinese, for the fashion thing. I didn’t say Filipino, Korean or anything, just Chinese. You bad fashion stubborn mofos knows who you are in Vancouver. 



-John (the enlightened) Wayne

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