Cheapo clients =value taking hustlers

This is not going to be an easy post to write. But it is necessary. I will cite people this post if they are cheapo hustler clients. I have encountered this time and time again. What type of clients do I usually encounter? I only encountered 4 types. First type is the guy who will say shut up and take my money. He is the type of clients that makes good use of my material. The second type is the educational type of client. They want to make an educated decision first. But don’t mistaken difficult clients which comes third. They will not buy no matter what and demand free advice. For you to show them bootcamp videos. Even ask you for access to your students to ask for their opinions. Even if the opinions are solid or goods, they won’t buy no matter what. Last type of clients the worst in my experience are called the cheapo clients. The cheapo clients are the first clients to hustle me.

I made several post about this. Click here and here. But I want to elaborate a pattern I constantly found. Those who are cheap, for some strange reason, or correlation has a personality problem. They are so into free advice, they act like snakes who are waiting to bite you in the neck. Am I cheap? Totally. But I spends big when I find something I really want. I usually don’t buy arbitrary things. Only things I wanted for a long time, or mostly reinvest it all back into the business. Like updating new equipment. I do invest in myself. Chinese people are known to be cheap. But yes, I do spend big regardless. I’m not Korean to the contrary belief.

Most of the time, these cheapo clients often say they don’t have much money. They begin to bargain with you. They want things cheaper or some shit. I say no. Then they say can they pay in installments. They often just pay one or two and stop. So I usually give them less than they paid me as an insurance policy. Now I’m starting to kick out cheapo clients and send them over to my competition where they will fail in daygame. I know that is bad to send people over to my competition. It makes them more money. But it also makes them drop out of daygame getting no results. I often send students to Jan Lifestyle. I also am considering sending them to Justin Wayne, if I don’t like them. So they can fail miserably. Its the best revenge.

When I was independent, I was dealing with poor hardcase hustlers. They would hustle me for free advice leeching off my value like a vampire. Imagine if you got something for expensive. You tend to be happier. You value it more. If I gave you a free book, you don’t value it as much. Sometimes value or giving away free items can be a way to trap the greedy. This is a common tactic daygame coaches use. I don’t use it, I don’t need it. By focusing on my clients who aren’t cheapos, but affluent, I don’t have to deal with hustlers. I had a guy ask me for free advice. He was my client twice for cheap when I was independent. I got him a girlfriend who was a Latina. She was like 8.5/10. It was amazing after he got a fuck buddy with a 6’2 blonde. He is only 5’7. But he never paid me. He just backstabbed when I asked for a testimonial. He kept delaying it with some excuse. Like a doctor already solved his problem. He just takes value and doesn’t give it back. People like this are uncool vampires.

This knife will be featured in the next video. I bought the knife as a deal, of buy one get one free. So I bought another huge Karabit. I was spinning this in the video like a nunchucks or figit spinner. Its weird how I John Wayne have so much fighting or martial art ability. This is the most dangerous knife in the world. I highly recommend you don’t fuck around with it or buy it. You will slice open your own wrist easily spinning it. I can do it, you can’t

The lesson I want to impart was since I paid more money. I enjoyed it a lot more. It was cheaper on Amazon of course. It is a psychological thing. The blazer that is featured in my video. I bought it out of impulse in front of my students. It does make me look K-Pop which makes it hard to daygame. It will not be relatable to some girls, which I faced resistance. But I could feature this in future videos. The blazer was not cheap at all, even for a sale. Its more expensive than a whole outfit. But I was happier buying or investing in myself. I’m spinning this swords like a pro here again and people are watching. I honestly have no idea how I’m able to use every weapon like a pro. Maybe I was a modern day warrior. I should of been born thousands of years ago. Perhaps I’m more suited to be a general or something. Or I’m the Asian Sam Fisher.


The point is invest in yourself. Sure my training is more expensive, but I hope I made a good point. If you are a cheapo client or hustler. You take value from others and not make it win/win. But win lose. You have a personality problem and will backstab me when you are successful. This is not cool. I can give you powers in daygame. But like any tool, it depends on the one using it. Learn how to give value like cool people first.

If you have this uncool personality trait. It will affect your daygame. The girl wil only think you want sex or she can sense your vampire vibe. It will hurt your results. You will get a lot of flakes. One guy gave me a compliment, then asked for free advice about this girl he gave a compliment to. Then he tried to take value. I told him the way he tried to take value from me was the same way he lost her. Of course I don’t want to turn down any business. But at the same time, having higher prices filters out the snakes. It is actually that snake behavior that is hurting their game in the first place. You have to set the cheapo clients free. You can’t teach integrity. It is something you have to have or work on.

Edit: A few East Indian guys were asking for free advice today. One was cool, he’s going to make a video testimonial after he got laid. Prepare for a few more video testimonials on this site. Now a few Asians are asking for free advice. Asians and East Indians. But for freebie cheapo guys asking for free advice. I say google it. If I want you to fail, I would forward you to other scammy coaches just to watch you fail badly. In the past I let clients take advantage of my time. Where they don’t appreciate it. Turns on you. It was that shitty behavior, where you guys no longer can have nice things. You want my advice, then pay for my time. Maybe some people doesn’t see the value in what I do. If it were up to me, I’ll charge even higher prices than now.

I was worried that I would lose clients if I charged more money. That was what happened when I raised my price for the online product with 3X Skype coaching. In the beginning, I did. But during the month, things picked up as usual eventually. I sold quit a few copies of the course. I attract the right clients. Also, with Wayne Dating Lifestyle bootcamps. 95% of the students has pulled already in the last two months. The bootcamps are about 3 grand Canadian. I thought okay, I would never get another client again. But I attracted great clients flying in all over the world. I would say it was worth it. You just filter out the trash. If you can’t see value in my work, 80% student pull rate and 70% lay rate. Then go to RSD, Justin Wayne,  Jan Lifestyle and fail with them. I want you out of game, so I recommend them.

Regardless, invest in yourself is the solution. I can’t help you if I can’t sell to you. You know others I could sell too are going to pull and get laid. While you get motivated by marketing and clever scams. Then lose your money not getting any results. Why is my bootcamps or Skype coaching with the online product worth the money? Its customized to your sticking points. I have over 80% student pull rate and 70% lay rate. In Vancouver, there is no such testimonials for any PUA coaches yet, in the last two years. Direct doesn’t work here. You are paying for world class cutting edge training of the highest level.

Edit: Another Asian guy is asking free fashion advice. Another East Indian client is asking for a discount. Listen, i’ll send an invoice for the right amount. If you don’t pay it on PayPal on time, making excuses I double the price of the invoice. I don’t need cheapo clients. This is my old policy, so I’m reinstating it. I mean if you are hustling me, I can hustle back.

Chinese value taking hustling mofo. I have to pick out a wardrobe for him? When other clients are asking for training? So value taking



hustler 2
Its a fair request, I do have expertise in fashion for daygame. I’m even going to make a daygame fashion product. He had no idea.
hustler 3
More hustling, who didn’t want to pay, not even a client. Wants to take value, not paying. I have a lot of value takers saying I can get you more clients. So give me free advice. I say how about fuck off and go somewhere else
hustler 4
Uncool people shifting blame. They often do. Even one called me insecure when I tried to help him with free advice after bootcamp. Same mentality. A complete gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, snake like attitude. Its why you fail with women. It shows in your vibe.
hustler 5
Trying to explain value to him. Why I’m worth it
hustler 6
I tried to explain for every free advice. There are others begging for training. I get a new client, a new hustler, a new cheapo client at the same time. Like the fucking stars aligns at the right time or something.
hustler 7
He admits he is not a client. So he falls under difficult clients. If I help him, I can’t help someone else
hustler 8
Its the same as I am forwarding you to another coach mentality. Like how I send shitty clients to Jan or Justin Wayne these days to fail hard. I’m sending him to another clueless fashion coach.
This other Chinese client paid the $500 afterwards for my 3X Skype coaching and online course. So he was that educated type of client who just needs to be educated on the value of my product. Do you see how business works? He was Chinese too. I never told him to say, see you were wrong. He bought coaching from me. For every cheapo Chinese or East Indian guy. There are always cool, value giving, win/win mentality guys who are my clients. This guy is also training with me in a bootcamp.

Here is another East Indian guy hustling me. He said something about giving value. Dude I have so much videos giving free advice and blog post. This guy probably is never going to be a client.


east indian.png
Another East Indian Hustler. How about paying for advice? Or go ask another coach. Dude is a surgeon, he can afford advice.



I told him, giving a compliment. Then say give me compliance is a way of taking value from me. He does the same things with girls. This is a personality problem. It runs really deep.



However earlier today another East Indian client from India. Their money is more scarce there. He managed to pay for the online course. He by investing in himself will probably watch every video and practice a lot. Not take it for granted. Versus this guy wants free advice. I always forward value takers to this article. Its really annoying when most of the freebie value guys are East Indians or Asians. Why not other ethnicities who pays me for it? I always make one sale at the same time with someone who pays. There is always someone who ask for free advice too. Its weird, but that is the timing.


John (the I will hustle you back) Wayne

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