(Secret timing for practice) Practical advice

I have cracked the code. I have a client who is an impossible case. A lot of the ideas of using drills and exercises. A lot of the technologies I have created to teach daygame in a more efficient way is field tested on him. People with aspergers tends to not be able to make eye contact among many other impairments. I created using symbols instead to remember things or sequences since they can’t really remember the next step. Regardless, this is the reason why some of the latest techniques were so transferable. It works for him, it works for everyone else. Of course in the past, everything that works for me, works for you. But I am taking this concept to a whole other level using impossible cases as experimental test subjects. He is okay with it, as long as you guys benefits.

But there was something new I have discovered. I made this student buy a figit spinner and forced him to focus on it for an entire week. So that way he can make solid eye contact. He was able to make perfect eye contact for the first time ever. He used to just look left and right talking to you. It was weird as hell. He is one of the slowest learners I ever had in my teaching career. But his inability to learn fast was what I used to help a lot of people in daygame. I’m constantly working on new technologies because the existing daygame framework doesn’t work. No one has any testimonials in the last two years in Vancouver or students pulling in daygame or getting laid. The weakness of their system is what got me thinking with innovation.

It turns out, you don’t have to practice an hour a day. You only have to practice 10 minutes a day. That is the secret timing. He done this for only 7 days and was able to rewire his brain. He wrote on a calendar, which is something I am inventing for students to practice. If you wanted to work on one skill. Instead of going out there and stinking up the field. Turning off girls entirely just to learn that one skill like how to transition out of the opener. You will go through 20 girls just to learn that one skill. But why not practice in front of a camera. Its only 10 minutes. You can practice and mess up more than 20X easily. You correct it, where it looks normal and not gamey. Then you go outside to apply it.

Remember this video? I haven’t practiced these moves in years. But I was able to maintain it. Krav Maga stuff. What they taught me is the same kind of teaching methods I use today to teach others. Like drills, innovation, discarding what doesn’t work for the shortest, skinniest, weakest guy. 

I however recommend you do it for 15 minutes a day on your worst sticking point. Wait, 15 minutes only for 7 days is enough? Well….when I was taking martial arts, or Krav Maga. I only practiced like one move, lets say a block for 15 minutes non stop as many times as humanly possible. Then they make you do the next move. Which is like learning how to get out of a head lock for 10-15 minutes. Then learning how to block a knife for 15 minutes. The thing was, the instructors corrects you. Imagine if you did this every day per week. While 15 minutes of practice doesn’t seem long, it does compound over time to 105 minutes a week. If you did it for 10 minutes a day, it is 70 minutes a week. It makes more sense to practice 15 minutes a day. The hard part outlined in the article was scheduling practicing. I made everyone get a calendar. If you followed the advice by clicking here.

Why would such a short time of practice work? It is called neuroplasticity. Unless you are a stubborn PUA who scrunches his face every time he is given advice. Which means you won’t grow. Over time these short drills can really boost your game. But the brain is capable of adapting. You might think because you are older, you can’t adapt, nonsense. This is why I stress speed of implementation. Also, if you practice a bit throughout the week, you create new neural pathways in your brain. To learn a skill, you use something called a neuron. It jumps from one neuron in the brain to another. At first it doesn’t do things well, the brain is stressed to learn that skill. But when it does, the jump is automatic over time. Its a habit. When it become automatic, you don’t feel the stress anymore in the brain. It does things automatically. In fact this is why you have bad habits and suck in daygame. Listen you don’t need to know the science behind what I teach. Just do it and leave the science and strategy to me. You just have to fucking do it.

Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity or neural plasticity, is an umbrella term that describes lasting change to the brain throughout an individual’s life course. The term gained prominence in the latter half of the 20th century, when new research[1][2] showed that many aspects of the brain can be altered (or are “plastic”) even into adulthood.

Or course find a good coach. By good coach, I mean someone who can get you pulls or laid during daygame. So far there isn’t a single daygame student testimonial except for me. There are PUA coaches, but no effectiveness except for me in Vancouver. Direct game is something you want to consider staying away from. Its really weird i’m the only coach who can get their students laid in daygame. Direct game is so dogmatic and so rigid in belief system. Looks don’t matter, natural conversation, be congruent, be in the moment. Its failing everyone in Vancouver. Innovation is the key to success in daygame. Unless you are looks maxing like some coaches. That’s not really game, its something else. Like being her type instead. But do the exercises I taught you here.

Oh right, stop with the mental masturbation or reading and not taking action. This isn’t a bandage on a wound. I will give you concrete steps.

1. Get a list of your worst sticking points. If you don’t know, you can Skype me. I have a game test in the first 5 minutes. Its $200 usd Wayne Dating Lifestyle prices for an hour. Am I not worth it? You get answers and a list to your sticking points. Even training too all in one. Sometimes you are stuck and don’t know what to focus on. Some people pay thousands in a bootcamp just to learn what their sticking points are.

2. Make the list in order from the worst sticking point that is hurting you the most to the least. Fixing the most pressing on first will give you the most noticeable results.

3. Mark it down on your calendar I told you to buy and a big red marker. Every day you completed it, you can mark it on your calendar. You only need to do one sticking point exercise or drills for 5 days. You can do like 6 exercises a week. 6X5 = 30. Which is a month.

4. Schedule practice for the entire month. You might have 6 different sticking points. But you can over come 6 months of mistakes in a month. If you just daygame without practice. You would be doing all 6 sticking point drills or exercises a month. But its hard to succeed without laser focus on one at a time.

5. Just fucking do it. The video starts at the right place. Honestly just get it done already. If you done this months ago and listened to me, you wouldn’t be in this mess. If you didn’t take action after reading this. Then it is your fault, is solid world class advice that is easy to implement today.

I don’t believe in the 10,000 hour rule to be an expert. I believe in meta learning or laser focus, while adapting. I believe in the pareto principle or the 80/20 rule. 20% of what you focus on gives you 80% of the results. With drills and frequency of practice. It works for me and it works for my clients. You see people out there spending a lot of time in daygame still sucks. Even if they have done it for years. Now you know why. They are like trying to get into a MMA fight, without actually practicing the basics in their own gym. Maybe this concept is new to most. The idea of being able to have no stakes practice. Then going back out there at the same time. But one day the industry will catch up to my innovation. You can go out there every day and take action. But without smart action, there is no results. You become that creepy spam approach guy that turns off all women.



-John (the neuro scientist) Wayne

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