Chinese American student pulled on bootcamp (video testimonial)

Every student except one has pulled in the last two months. Later today’s bootcamp, the student already pulled twice. This guy pulled once and instadated a white girl. I mean the progress is remarkably fast. He was older than he looked, but the clothing and hairstyle made him look younger. He was able to do the kinds of things I could do. So I couldn’t be more proud. Of course during bootcamps, the students often aren’t good dealing with objections. So they pull but some doesn’t get it in. Regardless, they have learned a skill that they can do again and again.

Most student obviously in other bootcamps doesn’t pull. They are happy with flaky phone numbers. Then again you hear another student on mine has pulled so consistently. It doesn’t quite make sense you say. Actually our style of game is that powerful. Students nearly hypnotize girls to the point of getting them to come with them all the way to the bedroom. I don’t know about you. But if I were a student in Vancouver. Why would I not choose to train with me? The guy with a 80% student pull rate and 70% lay rate? It seems pretty consistent of how so many students are pulling. It even seems nearly impossible to most other places. Their students would be happy getting even one instadate or a number that converted. Just saying. There is a pattern and it speaks for itself. I don’t have to bash other places, you know. Make the smart choice, that is all I ask.


-John (the consistent) Wayne

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