How to take care of your skin if you are an older looking PUA

Yeah, as you get older, you have to take care of your skin. Lots of PUA or even dating coaches are aging. Besides working out, I recommend taking care of your skin. Before I got a spin brush thing, my camera man was like you will waste your money. I paid $20 for one, but now its only $15. The return on investment is great.

Most of my clients lately are in their late 20’s and my last client was late 30’s. He looks young, but asked me about how to take care of his skin. Yes, I don’t only teach younger guys. I have a lot of mid 20’s guys before. I taught every age, but this is something you have to address as you get older. Its not even expensive to take care of your skin. Prevention is the best cure. Luckily this hasn’t affected me yet. But one day I would have to really take care of my skin.

spin brush

I have students who are older so I recommend they use this. If a dating coach gets old, he can no longer get younger women as easily without a great deal of skill. Unless you want to keep dating 24 year olds and older. I would recommend getting a spin brush. You can use any face cleanser on it. I used to have all this red spots on my skin. Dead cell skin everywhere. Now people are like why is your skin so soft looking? I mean the worst thing is having leathery skin. This is how I do it. Also, I use an apricot scrub once a week. I sometimes use a mineral toner, so it doesn’t dry my skin. Then some cheap oil of olay moisturizer.

Lol reminds me of this, joking. A student did ask how to take care of the skin.

If I were to recommend something in Canada. I would go to bed bath and beyond and get this. Its only $18 and super cheap. Its even better than the one I have above. You don’t need to spend a hundred dollars for a spin brush. Do they work? Yes, it makes your skin brighter. It makes your skin softer. Just make sure you moisturize afterwards.

spin spa
Get this one, it is a no brainer


John (the aesthetic) Wayne

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