How to fix your damn sticking points once and for all

Some of my students after the boot-camp knows what their sticking points are. But they just ask for advice, but doesn’t try to fix it.  So they go back out there, make the same mistakes, fails. It is like a boat with holes in it. Patch the holes first or you won’t make it to the destination. Why can’t they fix it? Sometimes due to stubbornness. Sometimes they even blame me for their inability to adapt. Some of the sticking points I have seen are: not being able to kiss the girl. Can’t hold her hands, can’t use the conversational wheel I teach, texting in a gamey way, hunching. Whatever your sticking point is, they don’t over come it. But they just fail over and over.


Solution? You make a list from the sticking points I have told you, that you have. Then you work on the worst one first. You will see the most results. Then you use the second worst, third worst. But you spend an entire week just on that one sticking point. Buy a calendar and mark it with a red marker for every day you work on it. Not doing everything at once. Like a jack of all trades, master of none. Start patching the holes in the boat first. Or you keep sinking to your destination. I know this advice sounds easy. One of my students had a very cocky funny text game that is very narcissistic. But that just provokes her to give shit test, then radio silence. I told him not to, but he keeps doing it. It took him two Skype lessons to fix it. Yes I know how hard it is to fix a sticking point or habit. I know it feels nearly impossible. But if you work on it every day of the week all day. Its better to fix it in 7 days, vs 7 months. Listen i’m giving you some very powerful advice here. If you won’t get a calendar and fix it, watch this video and it will convince you. I’m not a Dan Pena fan. But what he said makes sense. He said just do it, follow the fucking script. The video should start automatically on the right part. Substitute poor to why you aren’t getting laid.

Just stop feeling sorry for yourself when I tell you what to fix. Saying oh yeah I need to fix that. Then do the same things over and over again.


Let me repeat myself because you are not listening. Lets say if I wanted to fix not swearing as much on my blog like Dan Pena. So i’m more relatable. 1. Get a calendar, or a planner type of notebook that you can schedule in your life. Or apps on your phone. 2. write down the sticking point I told you for an entire week. 3. Just fucking do it and practice for as long as you can. 4. Stop making excuses and change it. 5. Reap the rewards of me saving you 7 months of the same mistakes and fixing it in 7 days.

-John (the fix your sticking points already) Wayne

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