Students turning to the dark side. Uncool value takers

If you read my post before, about not becoming emotional uncool vampires, you would know I am talking about. Click here for that post.

Lately I saw a post about Conner Mcgreggor who uses vision from the book the secret to manifest things into his life. While I don’t believe in that concept. I was able to manifest more money into my life. I also pictured writing this post using Star War like images. Whether or not it is a co-incidence. Someone wants to throw this out. It was a huge helmet. Since i’m a Star War fan, I brought it home. I was going to meet a student to film a new product on fashion. Before I pitch it to Wayne Dating Lifestyle.

But lets not talk about this thing. Its the symbolism that is more important. No so much the toyish look of the helmet. Star Wars is a movie about good and evil. That is the theme i’ll talk about today. As I wrote in the past, I have students who gets good at daygame. They get so good, they always turn on me. They get so much power in game. Before they can’t pull at all or even get laid. Now they can at will. But power corrupts, corrupt people. I’ll explain.

darth vegan.png I’m neither good or evil like the new Luke Skywalker. He is considered in my opinion a grey Jedi. He has half good and half evil traits. But his students did turn on him. Its the same with Obi Wan Kenobi with Anakin Skywalker who turns into Darth Vader.


Some of my students are uncool people. How do I know if a person is uncool and a backstabber dark jedi type? It seems in future training, I need to consider training people to never turn evil. When a student blames me because he couldn’t kiss a girl. Or he pulled but never whipped out his dick or kissed her. I discussed this with my students. While I keep things confidential, I wasn’t going to let this one slide just yet. Yes I gave a lot of free advice. I was hard on him, to pull. Not because I needed him to get laid for the testimonial. It was because I can’t believe a person can’t even hold hands, kiss or even whip it out. As my white student said. It isn’t like I can put his dick into her vagina. He has to do it himself. So don’t ask me advice if you are unwilling to change. Sticking points are tough, but its something you should fix. Instead of asking for advice, plug the holes in the sinking boat. If it is too hard, watch this post then by clicking here for advice. Practice on one sticking point for an entire week.

I gave him an ultimatum. Show some fucking respect, or gtfo. I got you like 4 pulls in a row. Out of the 5, one from online dating I wasn’t a part of helping except in the bedroom him texting me advice. I gave him a ban until August. If he still acts uncool. Then I won’t train him again. Or give advice. If he pulls without me, well who cares. I knew it would eventually happen. I gave him a wingman too, talk about ungrateful. The more you give uncool people, the more they despise you. If he does apologize, but goes back to being uncool. Well not helping you. Sometimes I tell them, this is as far up the mountain as they go. I stop helping, they claim they are using RSD or something else. Yeah but thats just climbing sideways, not upwards.


They don’t realize their potential. Sorry for believing in you. That you can do something better. Like this video said, I say these things because I care. I see you as more potential in you than you realized. But you squander it being petty and uncool, suspicious and backstabbing. So yes, you are a cunt. Hey you paid me to train you, I did get you pulls and lots of you laid.

darth vegan 2.png

I see a lot of people agreeing with me. Every single person agreed from an outside perspective. If a student can’t get over a sticking point like kissing the girl. Or even whipping out your dick. But blames the instructor. My white student suggested this guy was kind of a pussy. It isn’t difficult to take action. It isn’t my fault if a student doesn’t follow it. Another Asian student who flew here from the U.S who pulled too. He had a very similar beta mindset when he pulled. He also said maybe this guy is a virgin and never told you because he was embarassed. If I did the math, if he never kissed a girl before. Or got a second date from daygame. It has some legs to this theory. Another time I was backstabbed was from another Asian guy. So I get to see how these uncool dark Jedi turn. A third guy who was the white guy who dated 2 models. He never attempted a pull. He decided to pay for the dates. I said pay for yourselves not her. He never even moved her anywhere near his place. But he blamed me for the Asian girl taking it slow. I mean this guy was had aspergers. But then he just blamed me? I mean his first date every is two models and a third Asian girl. Give me a break. I’m sure lots will kill to date models. Talk about uncool vampires. These uncool people barely pays their tuition, he was always late. So maybe charging them more will not make them take you for granted. In the future I am cutting off all free advice. They can only schedule in one piece of advice a week, no more. Or pay for Skype if you want to be a vampire and take over my precious time. My white student always reminds me how much he appreciates things. These uncool students do achieve great things. Could of been great. But these are the qualities for these dark jedi. Another guy who had a brother who is clearly (undisclosed mental illness). Blamed me for everything. Still denies his bro has it. While he has been the best PUA in the West part of U.S. Get laid once a week with a new girl.

I’ll make a list of traits i’ve noticed among both of them

  • They will blame you for their problems, or shift blame to you
  • They both will not take the right action and say it is your fault
  • They are cheap, won’t want to pay full price, will hustle you
  • The more value you give them, the more they take from you. If you give free things to them like your time. They will start to take you for granted like getting a free book they don’t read because the never emotionally invested with money. Vs someone who invested more.
  • They always find faults with you for revenge. Even though you solved most of their problems in life. They never could of got to where you were without it.
  • If you try to be nice or help them. They are all suspicious of you. They don’t know you have good intentions. As if you were trying to scam them. They are like damaged goods.
  • They will apologize, just to back-stab you again.
  • Most likely contain the psychopath gene. Some of the students it didn’t express. Some did. Sometimes if one or two parents are psychopaths, its hereditary. The gene only expresses itself though mental abuse or emotional turmoil. So it isn’t expressed fully. But part of it creates this backstabber like behavior. Passive aggressive behavior.
  • They have this angry hater look in their eye. This uncool vibe or look.
  • They would also say, you think everyone is a psychopath or sociopath. No, but you are. I can tell. Or if not, you have the gene code in your parents genetics. Most PUAs has this. Its what makes them not wash out like most of the normal people who quits easily.
  • They read your post and it makes them pissed off. Like mentally unstable. Can’t stop blaming and acting like a hater. If that happens, something is wrong with you. The hate is within you, not me.

I’ll make a list of qualities that cool people have. Yes I can be mean and alpha. But I do possess a lot of cool qualities too that you guys should strive to adopt. But I have cool students too.

  • Cool people takes care of their appearance. They are aware how they come across. They have a social awareness or social intelligence. They are not creepy.
  • Cool people gives value. They help others even at the risk of getting backstabbed. I give a lot of my time. Its like these people gets free coaching after their bootcamp just to turn into vampire value taking monsters.
  • Cool people won’t put up with disrespect ever from people. They are not people pleasers. Nor are they people you want to trifle with. But they can handle it diplomatically. But won’t take shit from women.
  • Cool people wants to help solve the worlds problems, help others. Uncool people only thinks how they can benefit themselves. How they can make more money and scam people. Think what’s in it for them.
  • Cool people are leaders. People follows them. They have this magnetic confidence about them that draws others to. They are extremely competent too.
  • Cool people are good communicators. They aren’t thinking about how to manipulate people. They are thinking how they can make everyone around them better.
  • Cool people thinks win/win. Uncool people thinks win/lose, or even lose, lose.
  • They are not stubborn, but open minded. They can adapt good advice from credible people. They can implement fast because their ego isn’t in the way.

I want to say to these people. Stop being a snake. Stop taking value. You need to be called out for it. You have to call out backstabbers then they apologize. You forgive them, they are damaged goods. But you never trust them again. They should be expelled from the Jedi order or the light side. In the future, I would have to be more careful about giving people so much power though my knowledge and skills. I would have to teach them to have a moral code of a Jedi. PUA is neither good or bad. But it is just tools. But it is who uses these tools. I would say keep people like this out of your life. While it can be seen as a bad thing talking about uncool students. But I figured, I can derive a very powerful lesson in it. So powerful, it should be said. Future students can learn a lot from it and avoid the uncool behavior themselves. I have to brief all future clients about this after their first pull. Power can corrupt. So they don’t fall prey to it like the last generation of successful world class PUAs I have created.


John (the grey Jedi) Wayne


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