Alpha drills for beta males (video)

You might be thinking. Why the heck is John Wayne disarming guns? Or why is he using martial arts to teach daygame mindsets? Simple, innovation is the key for the future of daygame. “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Lots of students, Asian students, whoever were socially conditioned to be nice. I am here to break them out of that social conditioning. Its not just Asians, most of my students are quit timid and what they call beta. This alpha mindset can be achieved. I think you should consider taking Krav Maga or MMA for a few months. Not Tai Chi or Chi Gong (energy related). I noticed some of my students takes those kinds of Kung Fu. It will transform you, just as daygame has. Yes in the past I had so much anxiety. I was trained like a solider. I wanted to get over the fear of people. I had debilitating anxiety. At one point I couldn’t even leave the house without medication. I had some really dark years. No matter how much anxiety you think you had. It was nothing that bad. Which I teach with progressive desensitization drills. To get over it.

The reason why it seems like I am not afraid of anyone. Even if they were 6’7 and 350 pounds. They actually walk around me. They can sense it in my vibe. But this helps me fear no one. You need to be alpha at the right times. Especially when pulling. It takes an alpha mindset to hold her hands for a long time. It also takes an alpha mindset to kiss her. Also, to sexually spice things. I call this unleashing your inner psychopath. While it doesn’t seem like a good thing. There are times when you have to believe you are high value. There are times when you have to break though the timidness. If you don’t, she doesn’t get wet. You can get friendzoned, uptalk, act low value. Of course most of the time you are normal, relatable, spicing up the conversation. But sometimes, you might just have to be more alpha.

Let me stress one important point. If you do not work on your sticking point, you are not very smart. If you have a pro like me tell you what they are over and over again. Is it not worth investing a week to fix it? Every minute, even at work, working on it. 24 hours in a day. If you work on it for hours. 7 days vs 7 months of bad habits. Which one is easier? Doing it though the week, or just messing up for 7 months and dropping out? I’ll let you be the judge of that. 


-John (Wick) Wayne

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  1. Off topic but I like the new style you’ve made for your site.
    Easy to navigate through your articles and just slick looking in general.
    And ofcourse a great read as always!


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