The Asian statistics, The Asian problem

I was talking to my Asian student who flew in from the United States yesterday. I was doing the math. If 51% of Asian women marries a white guy. 1/5 Asians will never get married. I was trying to save that 1/5. They do go to natural and direct RSD copy and paste style game. But they are already out of the evolutionary gene pool.

There is a formula I didn’t tell you. I never looked at this part as important. I’ll tell you at the end. But our conversation revolved around Asian empowerment and the media. How the media brings us down. This might sound bad, but it is part of history. For Germany, Hitler was obviously one bad dude. The smart Jewish people all fled. They had money, they were intuitive. But what happened to the Jewish people that didn’t leave? You know history of course. I won’t get into it. But what happened was Jewish people were the smartest people. Highest I.Q, since the Asians survived. Small population who owned most of the wealth. They owned the media, since they are the producers of what we see and hear. Also, they are like half of the government in the United States. I myself am trained in Israeli Krav Maga. I can disarm guns and knives like a solider. I’ll make a new video about alpha drills or aggression drills. I’m teaching it for daygame. Maybe its part of the reason I am not afraid of anyone. So there was some kind of evolution that happened. All the Jewish people who weren’t smart, were wiped out. Sorry for the political incorrectness, but I am making a point.

Jewish billionaires owns all of media. What you see and hear. The perceptions of every race. Including Asians.

I think there is a culling taking place. Asian women are part of the process. They are eliminating all beta Asian males. They won’t even make it to the next generation. Or get married. The student told me the media is owned by Jewish guys who is trying to create another soft genocide or get revenge on the Asians. Making us look bad in the media. I never thought about it that way, but now I see it is possible. Regardless these guys tends to go with other Asian dating coaches to get scammed. But maybe this isn’t my type of audience. He also told me to act more professional. I guess I will. I have deleted and tidied up my content a bit.

Here is what I didn’t tell you about the statistics. 1/5 Asian guys will be married to a white women. There is a small resistance going. Maybe this is where I should concentrate my energy on. Helping those guys who likes to date outside their race. Who wants to get laid with white girls. Maybe this is the audience of intuitive guys I should be helping. Yes 1/5 will marry a white women. There are a lot of Asian guys who are tired of this. This guy was from ABCs of Attraction. You know the Asian guys that makes 6 figures. Who wear suits to work. But they got older and needed a big change. They aren’t getting the results they want. Not all my Asian students are young guys. I’ve taught so many people. From doctors, to actors, to models, to students, to every ethnicity. But I also noticed a huge resistance going from my students. They were all tired of being burned by RSD. They were also all truth seekers. They were among every ethnicity. Although I focus on Asians, I have more clients from every other race because they like what I do. They find me relatable.

This is John Wayne. If you get this message. All minorities. Even though we are suffering in the dating world. The 1/5 who likes white girls, if you get this message. You are the resistance.

However, I should focus on the 2/5 Asian guys and try to help. But if 1/5 are not going to get married and use direct game, copy and paste RSD game. If they fail, they quit. Maybe they are not meant to be saved. But letting other dating coaches lie and take advantage of. I can’t save everyone. Maybe what is happening is a good thing. Who knows. I just know in 50 years, lots of people would be half Asians. By the rate Asian women are marrying and dating white guys.

-John (Conner) Wayne

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