Dating pretty girls

To get a pretty girl. This girl is a Spanish (Spain) white Latina. With a super pretty face. I couldn’t believe she didn’t wear makeup. Be entitled. She looks like a spinner. She could be like 8/10 or something. If you are into the petite pretty spinner type. Possible 8.2/10. Of course others might disagree because her body isn’t that nice. They might say 7.5/10. They like butter faces. But it is good to have an entitled personality. Where you think you are the only one whom she can be happy with. Who cares if she is tall or super pretty. I only made two approaches.

white latina.png

Petite spinner. Figit spinner.

This is how Vancouver dating coaches are like. When you take the censorship off her face. You can make a girl look better by blurring her face. But are you happy with this? Is this going to make you happy?

Part of his product for same day lay. He never even got her into the hotel. Footage cuts off. Obviously I never bought his product.

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John Wayne

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