Pressure to pull

Last month out of 11 bootcamps, every student pulled, got laid except one in May 2017. This month people felt pressured. Results oriented. Honestly just focus on improving the process. Last month was the perfect storm of students pulling, getting laid before and after the bootcamp. If you keep focusing on the results. It is not going to work. It is like playing street basketball or being in an MMA match. Hoping to score a basket in the hoop, or win a fight. Instead focus on the process. Yes the process is over whelming at first. There are a lot of stages to this game. I like to think about these stages as anatomy. Anatomy of the human body never changes. Same with the female mind. By knowing the stages, you can always predict her every move. Maybe it is female psychology. But, women keeps acting a certain predictable way. This is why all the Wayne videos are similar in stages. Regardless of which Wayne. While we at Wayne Dating Lifestyle has a better implementation of it, since we are legit. It still shows up in a similar way. Our version is more refined.


If you don’t think there is a loose structure or process for everything. Imagine MMA, you don’t over exagerate things like personality adjustments. Or you wing things, like natural and direct game. Sure the bigger guy can do better having some natural advantages. But think of our daygame system like Muay Thai and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Most of the time it is natural like Muay Thai. Striking, maybe a few exaggerated moves for spicing. But if we fall, you go back to the structure. It is kind of like anti lock brakes, or grounds fighting Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Its tough to explain, but if you learn how to drive. Stop winging it like natural and direct. There is a structure. Even if I suck at writing, there is a grammatical structure. Everything has a natural structure. But everything is adaptive, you don’t know how your opponent will react. People argue with structure, you have the same play over and over like ABCs of attraction. (My current student is another ABCs of attraction student flying in from the U.S). Natural and direct is like water adapting, that is suited for more tall and strong. So the students aren’t as attractive, its not as transferable. But what if you have an adaptive structure like Deepak Wayne and John Wayne’s game? You basically have every single play in the playbook. This will over come adaptiveness because we can adapt to every single move the opponent does. While some structure, it is superior than just a guy winging it like street basketball. Not saying some can’t be decent at it. But a pro will over come them almost every time. Someone who has fundamental skills.

The student got two instadates today. He flown here from the States. But, not sure if he pulled or not. He does show a pic of a girl in a hostel I think. I don’t know what to make of it. But he solidify a date. If he still pulls her to the hostel tomorrow, it still counts. He has one more day. Like I said, don’t feel pressure to pull. Focus on the process. He is another former ABCs of Attraction student. Who felt his training was inadequate. Old school student, many years ago. I’m honestly shocked. I think i’m really the only good Asian daygame teacher. Listen, he might pull tomorrow, so wish him luck. If he does, he keeps my record going. If not, I would say May was the perfect storm month.

Edit: in the next post, the student did manage to pull. So that is good. This continues my streak of student success.

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