I went and researched other Vancouver PUA dating coach site. Shocking discovery. No testimonials???

Within the last two years, no one had a pull or lay student testimonial. It isn’t just Jan Lifestyle. It was everyone else. I’m the only one with any student success in daygame. Maybe direct game doesn’t work anymore. Or how tinder presence is taking over, it made daygame harder. Well not for me or my students. They are out there killing it in daygame. These guys pulls and gets laid. 80% pull rate, 70% lay rate. Vs, 0. Actually he also tried to buy out another dating coaches website. Luckily I have two areas to have clients. This site and the Wayne Dating Lifestyle part of the fence.

My theory was, maybe direct game doesn’t work anymore since 2016. Also, my other theory is Vancouver might to be too hard. Its harder than most of North America.  I’m starting to think by the research, maybe Vancouver is harder than New York and hard as Germany if not harder. Since Vancouver students and other students believes looks don’t matter. They will never get their aesthetics sorted out. Therefore they will never pull if their life depend on it. I seen Jan’s course and it has no bedroom escalation videos. Most of the girls he just pulled, or the footage cuts off. But their clothing changed on his compilation. Meaning it was most likely a 3 dates to pull.

This was Jan Lifestyle’s, Jan Huang, Jan scam, girl in his online course. He made a mistake of censoring her face. The blur part went up and I saw it. She is like 3.5/10. By covering her face, she looks like a 7/10 for the body. There was not much evidence or any of same day lays. Just pulls that doesn’t happen. I’ll get into his mindset of a scammer. How he didn’t even complete his course for $800. No bonuses saying to be uploaded. This guy is a bigger scammer than Justin Wayne. It isn’t the first time he tried to steal peoples bootcamp money like in Project Vancouver. He literally took the money of some of my students I did repair work with. Didn’t even honor teaching them. Talk about no integrity. They were so beta, they never even asked for their money back. I’ve seen Justin Wayne use credit card scams. But this is a whole other level of scamming. I’m informing you so you don’t get scammed. He only can get it in after 3 dates. He can’t same day lay at all. His game isn’t strong enough for a same day lay. Just steals your money. But i’m beginning to see Vancouver as it really is.

Jan Lifestyle scam. Part of his same day lay video. He pulls such ugly girls. Doesn’t even get her into apartment. She leaves, but he dates her three more times to pull her into bedroom. She is like a 3.5/10. Covering her face makes her look 7/10. She looks  like a tranny.

If people are taking bootcamps from guys who can’t produce a daygame testimonial. Why put that much trust? Why not go with the company that will get you results.

John (the worlds greatest detective) Wayne

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