How the figit spinner can help your daygame

This post is more light hearted than the last one. Wait, a figit spinner you say? Yes, you heard right. I have found that I never could meditate, I never knew what it felt like. I was easily distracted. But buying a figit spinner is the best decision I ever made. I’ll explain. I bought one at 7-11 convenient store for $6 in Granville. I’m even going to make all future students buys it who can’t make eye contact. Some hardcase students tends to have Asperger. Besides being socially impaired, they can’t really focus their eyes forward. You will see them shifting their eyes side ways over and over. As if they were thinking what to say. I forced one to buy a figit spinner. I did a test, he was able to focus on eye contact 100% of the time. So this fixes the first issue of eye contact. Just put this up to the computer screen and put a picture of a hot women in front of the spinning figit spinner.


The second issue it fixes is concentration. When I watch videos or stuff I need to study. I really can’t concentrate. I just spin this thing. I have a black colored one, so it doesn’t have any color. It just looks like a shadow spinning. This could be the greatest invention for those who has no ability to focus. It is cheaper than a Ritalin. While I have problems concentrating. I don’t have a diagnosis for ADD or ADHD. But it actually made me focus for hours. I never could of focused for minutes.


For meditation, I just spin the figit spinner in front of me. It helps me to be in the moment. When I lose concentration of the meditation. I just think of the figit spinner spinning in front of my face. Then I get back into a zen like state.

People might think, this is a stupid toy. Why should I get one? Well, if it can do these three things. It makes all the sense in the world to get one. Second you can find one cheap for 7-11. So just get one already, laugh it off and start to use it to practice eye contact and focus. Some of you needs it.

If this thing works. I always like to find innovative ways to improve my game. Also, new and innovative ways to teach it.


-John (the distracted) Wayne

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