Fashion product (aesthetics)

A lot of people ask me for fashion tips all the time. I just had two clients begging me for fashion tips right now. 11/12 students pulled/got laid in May. A lot of it has to do with aesthetics/fashion. I get so many questions about fashion in comments. Like where did you buy that jacket. Or what should get for shoes. What hairstyle do you recommend. How did you do that with your hair. Its the same questions over and over and over again. I have pitched the idea I wanted to release the ultimate daygame product for fashion. That will never be rivaled. For Wayne Dating Lifestyle.


I’ll be honest with you. Back then I used to suck at fashion. I was wearing clothing from places I don’t recommend. I don’t like three stores exclusively. The GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy. I posted my pics out there before and I got critiqued to hell and back. The clothing was like two sizes too big. Before at my K-Pop phase. I was a 128 pound K-Pop looking guy before I was into that phase. I grew out of it. But I still maintain some of the look of it with spiky hair. Its good to fit into a positive stereotype. I don’t mean the bangs. It got me a ton of dates though.

CkvNDDgUkAA72p1.jpg large
This was me before at my K-Pop phase. Thank god I am no longer using this look. But if you are to use bangs as an Asian, please do it right.


The signature dragon jacket. It actually was from Zara

Looks don’t matter. But aesthetics matters in my field testing. I mean two month of bootcamps and every single student except one pulled. So…maybe your theory is wrong.

No products in my hair. Messy Asian hairstyle that lowers my looks level
You can see a difference at what aesthetics makes.
C-usQqiV0AARF5m.jpg large
Use pomade. Not wax or gel as most Asians uses or towel dried hair. Facepalm.


Instead of bashing Jan. Lets bash his students, the enablers. These guys are some of the creepiest worst dressed mother fuckers on the planet earth. Who doesn’t get laid or pulls if their life depends on it. Jan Asian students are going to be called stupid creepy mother fuckers. Pardon my French, but I can’t find a better name than stupid creepy mother fuckers. The lack of fashion signals to a women, they are socially retarded. They say looks don’t matter, but to a women. With this messy air dried puffy Asian hair. Hell, I have even seen guys with a ton of grey hairs who thinks it is okay to daygame like that. It signals that you aren’t even in her tribe. You are not even an option. Unless you want to be friendzoned for years until she falls for you after many years. It disqualifies you from hotter women. I’ve banged a lot of 8, 8.5, 9/10 lately. So, I noticed dressing better with tighter game gets you hotter women.

jan fraud 4
The guy on the middle bottom row. The dumbest creepy mother fucker in the world in terms of fashion. They all are fashion disasters. No wonder you quit daygame creeping out every girl. They have a blindspot. If you point out their fashion, they think it doesn’t matter. While they get auto rejected.

When I made this post, the guy in the middle bottom row is everything that you should not do for fashion. It is a form of communication. But what does that signify to you? If you look at the screenshot above. It just screams, i’m broke. I can’t afford things. I have a shitty job. I’m a college student who eats ramen noodles all day. I’m socially retarded or Asperger. I’m totally beta. They are like sheeps to the slaughter. My clients are the opposite. They are questing everything about the industry. They see though the scam. They are truth seekers.

My point is help is coming. I really am passionate about this project about fashion. I think i’ll outline all my philosophies. I’ll show my students transformation from before and after. I’ll show their results since 80% of them pulled. Its all about the results. Let me ask you, even if looks doesn’t matter. But does aesthetics matter?

I only want local clients who aren’t stupid creepy mother fuckers Asian Chinese guys. But maybe those guys aren’t meant to be saved. If 1/5 Asian guys aren’t going to get married or procreate. 51% of Asian women are marrying white guys. I think they are just weeded out this generation. I’ll focus on the other 1/5 Asians who actually will marry a white women. The truth seekers. I want truth seekers who sees something wrong with the daygame world as clients in Vancouver.


John (the daygame fashionista) Wayne

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