How to practice at home (detailed)

I make my students do a lot of drills on single components. But what happens when you got it down? You first have to make sure you do it correctly. This will take time. Working on one thing at a time is better than a million things at once. Once you build up enough skills, you can mark it on a calendar if you successfully used a drill. Lets say you wanted to practice eye contact. You can do this for 30 minutes a day for a few days until you can maintain eye contact. Hardcases usually can’t even look her in the eyes.

Once you mastered all these drills at home. You also go out there in the field to apply it. At home is no stakes practice. Imagine if you were a basketball player. You worked on layup drills and shooting drills, dribbling drills. Your game will be more solid than trying to do everything at once. Which is like the jack of all trades and the master of none. You should make a checklist to see if you can do it correctly. It is why I included Skype coaching with my online course. So you can calibrate.

Once you built up skills with all drills separately. It is time to exercise it. You exercise the drills by combining two drills together. Lets say openers and hand gestures. Or openers and transitions. Or tonality and conversational skills. Flirting and touching, whatever. When you combine them together, you start to learn how to adapt your skills and make them work in a unit. This process might take months too but a lot less. Its easier to go in the field. I know this sounds different than how people practice daygame. Going out there day by day, without much improvement. Maybe they need some no stakes practice at home too. Talking to a picture of a hot women on google. Just to learn how to deal with the nervousness.

Once you mastered enough of the exercises, its time to combine everything and free style it. You correct this on camera. You see if it looks weird or not. Maybe you move your head a lot. Or you uptalk, you will see this though a camera and hearing the audio. This might take you nearly half a year to complete. But you will master the skills. I’m talking about mastery, not just proficiency. But get a good daygame coach. Maybe someone like me. I’m totally over booked for bootcamps this month for weekends. If you want a bootcamp, you have to do it on the weekdays now.

-John (the drill Sargent) Wayne

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