Online course student pulls

Its been 3 months. Without using any of the Skype coaching. He has already pulled. Here is a student who has a very nerdy look. I am just being honest, who wasn’t sure if he could even do daygame at all. But has a good heart kind of guy. Of course if you can’t learn to pull, you can’t get laid. It just opens a new set of problems to focus on, which is bedroom escalation. But it gives you the skills necessary to pull. You have to figure out if it is a good pull or a dry pull. A dry pull is the bullshit advice other local dating coaches suggest. Meaning move to three locations. Back to your place with no escalation. Which doesn’t work with my clients. Regardless, congrats on your first pull. You are part of the testimonials now and hall of famer.

He bought the course in March 20th, 2017.


On June 12th, he’s already pulled.


I mean this is a big step for some people. I’m very proud. Everyone has their own mountain to climb. Everyone is different. It seems like the testimonials keeps pouring in. It isn’t a matter of if you will pull, it is just when with my training. If you keep at it, you will get it in. I guess I have to update the testimonial section. This was why I included Skype with the online program. So people can calibrate after they learn. Click here to see the Wayne Playbook course. 


John (the help the short minorities fight back against RSD bullshit) Wayne

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