I’m raising the price now for the online course to $350

I’m not waiting until July, I don’t have time. Only a few has bought the course in June, but nothing major. So I might as well raise the prices now. All current students for my online course that includes 3X Skype coaching will get the upgrades for free. Thank you guys for your support. Many of you have gotten laid. I designed the course because I had one impossible case student or hardcase student stop gaming for months. I had to give him some value back. So I designed the course I call the Wayne bible. Find out more about the program here. This is for international students I can’t train. I also figured to add Skype coaching because some people needs calibrations. I seen a lot of PUA products and they suck. I always felt it wasn’t worth the money. I figured if I was going to make a course. Instead of spreading out the course into pieces even if I can make a ton more money. I might as well create a bible like course that has every single component in it. I feel this is the best course ever made for daygame. Its already 14 hours worth of content. Although I can scale it down and make it more efficient. Less convoluted. But if you want value, its there.

Click here for more info about the Wayne Playbook. 

Honestly, I am not going to sell it this price anymore. I’m raising it to $350 now with 3X Skype coaching. Its too valuable. It is like a bootcamp in a box. In the future the retail price will raise to $650 because i’m going to include a few full bootcamps into the product. But will be 2 SKU. One is the $350 the other $650. If i’m making a product on all my secret tactics. I should charge more.

Updates will be rolled out since I have this week off. The rest of the month is fully booked for bootcamps. But I am taking time to add to the course now. New updates and videos will be rolled out. I might even delete and update videos. As my game evolves, so will the course. I designed this as the one solution for every problem course. It covers every topic.

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Can you buy the course without the Skype coaching? Sure, its still $350 USD. So, go for it. But you might as well use it even if you want the course. Honestly, I charge $500 for his online training at Wayne Dating Lifestyle. If you are intuitive to find me here first, you should be rewarded.

Updates i’m rolling out are bootcamp teachings clips. While short, you get to see a student lectured and some clips of them applying it.

Contact me. If you are on the fence, i’m a professional. I work for Wayne Dating Lifestyle. This is a big company like RSD, Simple Pickup, those kinds. Our game is the strongest in the world. Check out the about me page by clicking here to find out what a Wayne is. Lots of Asian guys never searched for Waynes (except Filipinos) because it started from a black guy then later East Indian guy. Now we finally have a third Wayne, an Asian one. Will an online course format work for you? If 80% of my students have pulled. Then, its the same game, of course it will. Look up our testimonials clicking here. 

Click here for more info about our style and how it looks like. 

Contact me by clicking here. Could be the best investment of your life. 


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