Viet American student last day bootcamp (4/5 pulls)

The bootcamp student ended with 4/5 pulls. Some guy tried to pretend he was a foreigner. Sneaked into the hostel and used him. He tried to steal the girl away from him AMOGing him. At the last day, the student wondered why I said to a girl who showed him no interest. She was acting snobby, I said lets go, she isn’t interested. She kept acting snobby saying walk away. I told her, don’t tell me what to do. You are like a 6 but acts like a 10. She was surprised. Most of the time, when a girl acts bad to me. I put them ion their place. They become feminine and super nice again. Regardless, the lesson was about alpha mindsets. He was angry at first. But its something we teach our students. We don’t tolerate anything from women. We even call them out. Or they won’t respect us. There is no way you can date higher score women by giving compliments, validation or putting up with bad behavior. I have a name, I call this the sledgehammer. But this lesson was the most important lesson out of all the days. This was the lesson that ultimately was the one which hurt his results. Its a mindset that he has to deal with back home. But the student is home and practicing game. I’m giving him another wingman in the United States who has trained under me. A Latino guy.

I was on a date so the student could see it here. I shouldn’t have ventured so far off into Gastown. It was my logistical mistake. Could of pulled again. Would of been cool to capture on camera for a second pull. 3 blondes, would of been more epic if it led to a second pull and f-close. But hey, i’m only human. I hope you enjoy this video.

He bought a copy of the online course after his bootcamp and it was helpful. Click on online program or click here to see it. 


-John (the I don’t put up with bad behavior) Wayne

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