Are tall, strong, handsome dating coach skills transferable?

In most cases, the answer for pulling and getting laid, the answer is no. In my case, yes. I’m a 5’7 Wayne, so it is. I already have the strongest style of game for daygame in the world. It works for you too.

I often have tall good looking natural guys talk smack. Or big black guys who are Justin Wayne fans talking trash. Pretending to be dating coaches. Using terms like limiting beliefs, or excuses or looks don’t matter. It is being natural, or personality adjustments or enhancements. It is the new natural scam, but personality enhancement scam. They often will deny their privileges or preselection helps. If you don’t have game, they don’t help. But if you have minimalist game, it doubles like a force multiplier. They can’t empathize with you, when they can’t see past their privileges.

Then you have no name brands popping up in Vancouver. Most of the time, they fail within half a year or more. We have a big graveyard of defunct PUA companies. I’ve been here for 2 1/2 years teaching. I have taught over 160 students. All around the world and locally. Now I made it to a world class stage. It was hard work, but smart work. I intend to do this job forever. I predict the other dating coaches will quit in a few years. Get into entrepreneur ship for something else. Or go into confidence coaching. I don’t age, so I’m staying. Until I complete my mission. If 1/5 Asian guys are never going to procreate, or get married. But softly weeded out going to Asian style copy and paste RSD nonsense. Or RSD, then I have a lot of work to do. If it were about the money, i’ll burn out. Its not, money is great if I can provide value and get you guys laid. But I do have a mission I will carry out. There aren’t short Asian daygamers who can do this. Its always tall, looks maxed Asian daygamers that people gravitate towards.

Then there are guys with no current testimonials because direct game doesn’t work anymore in Vancouver. Like London, people are just sick and tired of it. There were so many compliments like I thought you looked nice. Or you are cute or attractive given, that women hears the same things over and over. Like a commercial, where they tune out. In fact, it is the easiest way to fail at getting testimonials. Direct game, personality adjustments, also being natural doesn’t work. Unless you have high LMS.


When you see that 80% of my students are pulling and 70% of them got laid. That is transferable and relatable. My style is world class, but my low circumstances allows me figure out what works for my short and skinny body. 11/12 bootcamps, they pulled, got laid before and after it. Something is consistent statistically.

I often ask people as a challenge. Since everyone seems to have their own opinion of game. Like I don’t think looks matters too much. Or I don’t need to improve my fashion. I just need to improve my inner game (most Asians). Or some nonsense. Maybe its time to stop listening to direct game guys. Or tall handsome naturals, or strong black guys who are preselected by white women. No matter what they do, they succeed. In London, it was saturated with compliments. So direct game no longer works. Most London guys has moved out to European countries. Then comes back teaching evident in this video.

These are not testimonials. I learned something from your coaching. Or I realized something. Or I recommend it. (Well, did you get any results? before you even recommended it?) Who cares if you learned a lot. What if you learned a lot of nonsense? That just sounds good.

Ask them one question. Show me your testimonials for daygame. Lots of tall, strong, handsome dating coaches has opinions on why their stuff is transferable. But in reality, no matter what they do, they have more compliance than you. They make up some b.s techniques but deny their privledges helps. They can’t even produce one testimonial of students pulling or getting laid from daygame. So if you had 10 Asian clients and 10 East Indian clients. 80% of my mine will pull. But if they can’t even get one. Then it is more of a privledged game. Or looks maxing. Its not even game. I’m here to educate you and it is important to be educated about this. Its just you happen to be her type. Here is another local dating coach, who lacks any student daygame testimonials. Click here and click here. 

You bought my domain. But now being announced as the third daygame Wayne. People will look at this post and look at you. Then begin to see you are just as bad of a scammer as Justin Wayne. 0 daygame testimonials. Just an entrepreneur who uses daygame as a vehicle to make money. Not hating, he makes more money than I do right now. He is a good entrepreneur/scammer. Hes got you hooked. #scammer #Jan Lifestyle

A lot of people thinks, being a dating coach is easy. Well if you have 10 Asians and 10 East Indian clients. Can you get them laid. You think you can. In reality, you wouldn’t be able to. These are real peoples lives you are dealing with. You would just get frustrated. But you think, if you are a tall strong black guy, or white guy. I can get results, so they can. But as one handsome tall Asian buffed dating coach once said. If you are good looking, your game sucks. He is right, they won’t know what to focus on. What works for their configuration only works for that unrelatable configuration. The problem was, he was good looking. He has no awareness of it that his game is based on natural and looks maxing.

Yes looks don’t matter as much as aesthetics. You can still change your aesthetics. Its not about being good looking, but looking good. There is a difference. It doesn’t cost much to get a good haircut and some better clothing. You just need to know what hairstyle and what types of clothing. You know, before a bootcamp, I will throw you into a barber shop and make you pick out a new outfit. Its it extreme? Well, it gets my students pulling on the first day of bootcamp. Most people wouldn’t even dare force their students. But this filters out a lot of stubborn Asian guys, who are brainwashed. Since they just want to scam peoples money. Remember i’m not hating, i’m educating.

testing 3

Do you even testimonial bro? Click here for mine. 


-John (the 80% student success rate) Wayne

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