(Preselection) turning yourself into a positive sterotype

The concept of preselection was. If you don’t have protector status, height or whatever. The concept here is to pick a positive stereotype. No matter what your size is, you can still be a positive stereotype. I tried to go for the white washed, spiky hair K-Pop look. It worked really well, after one approach, I got an instadate with whoever my camera man pointed at. I show what you can do before and after.

This place called the Mancave in Metrotown is where I bring all my clients to cut their hair. I mostly get my hair cut by a guy called Stephen. They know i’m John Wayne. I want to give a shout out to them. Even if I have nothing to gain from it. As long as they make my students looks good, i’ll give them a shout out. For now they are treating me good. So, I don’t mind saying that. If they don’t, I will decline my support. So far it is the best hair cutting place I ever seen so far. Most of my bootcamp students flying in and locally has to get a haircut here. But lots of Asian guys doesn’t get a haircut or use pomade. They say what is wrong with my hair. Well, all women has this built in aesthetic thing. They can see it. They know who to auto reject or not.

Preselection is the greatest equalizer. Being preselected means other women finds you attractive. Wants to be around you. So you try to find that particular look or stereotype. What you see with Asian clients so far, doesn’t fit into the in group. It is baggy clothing and messy hair. This is why my students pulls. I literally shove them into this haircut barber. Then get my exact haircut of choice. I even make them buy a new outfit at Zara in front of me. Maybe this is too extreme for most bootcamps. But honestly, I take aesthetics that seriously. It can mean the difference between a hook point or auto rejection.


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-John (the fashionista) Wayne

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