The alpha test betas can’t pass

I was training a bootcamp student and I noticed something among my students. The lack of an alpha mindset. But how do you know if you have enough of the alpha mindset. There is one simple test. I usually teach in Grandville Vancouver. No one bumped into me when I taught the alpha mindset. Except one guy did. For my white student, who pulled. Every single person he walked by, including girls, bumped into him. Girls can see things in your body language. Like if you keep your chin down, vs up. Or if your shoulders rolls forward due to being unconfident. Most of the time, if you walk like a runway model in downtown, have that look in your eyes of an alpha male. Most people will actually walk around you. I even have 6’7 350 pounds guys getting out of my 5’7 way. This is a test. Go into a sidewalk and see if people bumps into you. I know this sounds weird, but this is something that would be a new exercise in my bootcamps. I’m always creating new and innovative ways to train people. Like having a mock date, where I tell the student exactly what to do, what he is doing wrong. Although Jan Lifestyle took down his video giving advice. Saying some non transferable stuff, there is no progressive escalation ladder. You go to three location and you pull her. That is the first pull of my bootcamp students. It never works, they move her around and then try to pull. Most of them never holds her hand. Of does it for 20 seconds. So that is why the kiss is so hard, they do it in the bedroom. Which leads to LMR. Or Last minute resistance. We call this the dry pull. Dry pulls usually doesn’t result you getting it in. Even if you very to verbally escalate. This is a very privileged based game.

Lets get back to the point. If people are often social circle, or people pleasing. I when they learn my mindsets, it is often too extreme. It is the most extreme things, I was accused it was worst than Julien Blanc level mindsets. Its true, my mindsets are the most controversial for inner game in the world. It isn’t my mindsets. But it was the only way I can get women who are 8/10, 8.5/10 or 9/10. No one has caused any harm or done anything bad. None of my students even got kicked out of the mall or university. Jan Lifestyle is kicked out of every mall and one university he attended. I’ll make an article on it soon. This is a fact, not an opinion. This is in local news articles. My point is the mindset helped all of my students. I can’t get results with just being a people pleaser, like those who are into social circles. I often noticed one thing, was the uptalk among guys who are into social circles and gets friendzoned. They often uptalk to people please. In evolutionary psychology. The alpha male is the preselected guy who gets all the girls. If you try to get his girl, he bashes your head in. This is the tribal days, so you have approach anxiety. But you uptalk so you aren’t hated in your tribe. You become a people pleaser. Women use you as an oribitor, a relationship without any sex. They take value from you.

But I think there are people who are alpha in society I respect. Donald Trump says whatever the fuck he wants. So does Gordon Ramsay. Also, Bruce Lee does whatever he wants going against the fabric of the world. Someone mentioned Dan Pena. That guy swears a lot and has a take no prisoners attitude about life. While I don’t overly follow his work. I think I have the same type of personality as them.

My point is if you want better women. You need to develop an alpha mindset and not give a fuck so much what you say and stuff. While it is important to be professional and all that stuff. I’m a professional coach for a big company. People always respected my brutal honesty. Sometimes you have to not care what the tribe thinks. Or how if you got social game, you have to people please. The only person you need to please is yourself. Fuck the rest, I don’t need their validation. Adopt this mindset. When you train with us at Wayne Dating Lifestyle. We will teach you some insanely powerful, but controversial mindsets. Who cares if you think it is weird, or too harsh. It works. It got 11/12 bootcamp students pulling, getting laid before and after the bootcamp. If something seems weird, like our daygame sytem. But it works, it isn’t weird. It is smart. Mindsets are stronger than inner game affirmations. But I have my own version of that stuff too. Mindsets can adapt. You don’t talk to your boss, the same way you talk to friends, or your grandma or other people. Your mindsets change. This I would like to make as the new inner game of the industry. Of course it is good to fit into society, be socially savy. But at the same time there are days where you have to be alpha. Its better than giving compliments, validation, to women who doesn’t deserve it. This will only get you 6-7/10 looking women.

Last thing I forgot to mention was, i’ve been teaching my students some martial arts or Krav Maga fighting. It is one of the aggression drills that bring out more of an alpha mindset. I will post videos on these aggression drills. You would see why I have no fear of other people no matter how big. I think this helps my clients gets over the fear of other people hurting them if they do daygame. Normally this isn’t taught in daygame, but I want to be the first. Its too good of an exercise to ignore. Also, you have to innovate the game. You can’t solve the problems of the daygame industry, by using the thinking or ideals, beliefs, that created the problems in the first place. Innovation is the key to changing the daygame world.


John (I can say whever the fuck I want) Wayne.

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