Short Viet London student newest testimonial

In the past he had two fuck buddies from daygame. He used a bar for his newest pull. So that isn’t daygame, but used my verbal game for it. This dude was only 5’5 and getting very limited to no results in London. I acknowledge that unlike other people who claims their night game testimonial is their daygame. Regardless, he has dating options and kept her in his life for like 8 months. He kicked the other fuck buddy out because she was too clingy.

Regardless, our students pulls, f-closes, keeps girls in their life.

This guy was short and in London. He struggled before with game. He didn’t even know how to pull a girl back home. It was the first thing he did. Eventually he kept f-closing. Just because you are a short Asian, doesn’t mean it is game over. With my game, you can get model caliber girls. Direct game had no effectiveness for someone like him. He actually was going to have a third fuck buddy that is a white girl model. But he already had sex with the other white girl and was too tired from all the fucking. So he dropped the date with her. It all happened at the same time. Some of my clients likes to have fuck buddies. Others likes to have girlfriends. Others just wants to increase their laycount. Some others just wants to get laid. Some wants to increase their overall success with their social circle. Some wants self development. Whatever it is, I am not here to judge. But to get you those results.

This was an old testimonial. He didn’t need to act overly alpha. He is a nice guy and not overly alpha. He purely depend on game.

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I would update the testimonial section. Almost all my students pulled or got laid from my recent bootcamps. Except one student. Regardless, I can’t make a video testimonial and post it right now. I have it, but they keep updating their results too quickly. Getting more and more. I can’t even keep up tbh or have the time to update everything. What a great problem to have when local coaches can’t even get any daygame testimonials recently or ever. Maybe direct game isn’t suitable for Vancouver. Or it takes too much work. While you alienate all the other girls in the process. With the excessive validation. This is how London daygame failed and fall. Too many compliments and validation. Vancouver is going to be the same. It just won’t work anymore. Maybe it is time for a better solution. Being authentic or congruent of how you feel, like giving a compliment sounds good on paper. But maybe let her earn it first and give it at the escalation phase instead of the beginning. It isn’t some hidden agenda, she knows why you are approaching. You just won’t have to deal with the boyfriend objection based on your LMS. Instead, you have a chance to convert her. It is a game of conversions.

-John Wayne

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