I have to raise prices soon for the online product in July

I’m going to raise the price for the online product to $300 USD or maybe $350 USD. Why? Well, for what you are getting, I am giving way too much value. I have renamed my product to the Wayne bible. It has 34 videos so far and 14 hours of material. I’m going to add bits and pieces of exclusive bootcamp clips. I taught 12 bootcamps this month. Almost every single student pulled from it. Or after it. Our system is way too powerful. It cuts though Vancouver for daygame. We only face resistance when shitty Jan students gives too much validation and makes everything harder. Due to all of the unearned validation.

I taught daygame for 2 1/2 years. First year I kept stealing Jan clients from his stupid meetup scam group. I taught them even when my game wasn’t on point. The tall good looking privledged ones still got laid. I used every style. I even taught natural and direct game. All my students didn’t pull, except a tall East Indian guy with an Asian girl. I think this guy works for Jan now. But I just was born to teach daygame. Weird thing about direct game was, it just doesn’t produce student results in Vancouver. It sounds really good on paper. That is just idealistic thinking. Meaning it sounds good, sounds motivating. But proof based thinking is what works and is stats and science based.

I think the program price change will be at the beginning of July. So grab a copy of the online program while you still can at this price of $250 USD. It comes with three Skype coaching. You will always have all the future updates. If you trained with me on Wayne Dating Lifestyle or knew me there. You will pay double of that. I should even make a version that is like $600 that has full bootcamp clips. Might be great to see an entire bootcamp or 12 of them in detail. Then again, I might not want to share my trade secrets. I have a lot of innovative teaching techniques. Listen, direct game isn’t the type of game that works in Vancouver. No matter what they say, just look at the students testimonials. It tells you everything about the effectiveness of the game. This is the only way to separate bullshit theories from real ones that is field tested.

People often ask me when did I start daygame? I actually started in University at 2001 on buses with white girls. I used the lay guide. But it was more NLP indirect shit. I didn’t know it was for night clubs only. There were no positive Asian stereotypes back then like K-Pop or Korean dramas. I might of been one of the first daygamers around at the time when everything was night game. I don’t know. But I have taken breaks in between. Regardless, our style works. We cracked the code.



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