Day 2-3 of my Viet American student

I think at this point he is at 3 pulls. I’m at one pull, 2 HB 8.5/10 blondes one f-close. Ih showed people and some thought she was a HB 9/10. Others 8.5, I don’t know, it depends on who sees her pics. Most of the girls I pulled are around this range, above my looks scale. One number close which leads to a date with a 7.2/10 blonde. Lots of amazing shit happens in this clip.

Welcome to the best bootcamp video ever filmed. If our students are pulling non stop. Other students can’t pull to save their life in other local bootcamps. Then maybe I don’t know, take ours? If you want to get laid. Statistically speaking you have almost zero chance of getting laid in daygame with other local coaching.

Click here to finds out how bad local coaching is.

Also click here

Edit: i’ll clean up some of these post. I’ll repost them at a later time I suppose. But if you have read it, great. I also updated the site, so it is easier to search for articles on the side. I added an image gallery too. There are a lot of great older articles that has excellent advice. Now you can keep scrolling down without having to click older post. I’m going to add some images to the gallery for students after I finish teaching my bootcamp today.

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